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  • Hello, from AgRespond

    Hi Folks,

    My name is Chris and I started AgRespond in the early spring of 2018. I am a career police officer and Emergency Medical Technician as well as veteran. At heart, I'm a farmer. I grew up on my grandparents farm in Central Massachusetts, raised with Jersey and Hereford cattle, Belgian Draft horses and fresh maple syrup and apples. While the farm is long gone, my roots in agriculture never went away. I decided to combine the best of my background and created AgRespond, a small organization dedicated to keeping America's Farmers and agricultural workers safe. Everyday, at least 100 ag workers sustain work time lost injuries. Many times, this results in the end of another American Farm. AgRespond's premier program is First Aid for Farmers, which is a certification course based on an OSHA approved first aid curriculum. Participants learn lifesaving techniques that may prevent and reduce work related injuries and fatalities. The curriculum revolves around the agricultural world, so it's not just a regular first aid class. Participants who complete the class may be eligible for insurance discounts.

    What AgRespond isn't - a huge moneymaking corporation. AgRespond is my way of connecting back with the agricultural community. The small fee that we charge for the courses pays for the books, certifications cards training material and gas (or diesel) for the instructor.

    The future: Right now, we have the First Aid for Farmers rolled out and doing classes. The AgResponder is almost complete and is scheduled for a Spring 2019 roll out. This is the equivalent of the Emergency First Responder course. It will be a fairly intense 60 hour course. We are also working on some independent courses involving farm safety and security which we've presented to the Connecticut Farm Bureau and independently. We have a certified Crime Prevention Officer on staff and will be offering farm security inspections as well. At the end of the day, the goal is to keep the American Farmer safe and , hey, even help give breaks on insurance costs.

    Thank you all for not losing interest and reading to this point! If you have any questions or would be interested in possibly setting up a course, shoot me an email at [email protected] or give me a call at (508) 864-9425. Thanks and be safe!