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    I am recruiting for a panel for farmers to do online research studies in an online community of agricultural leaders.
    Manufacturers of equipment often rely on market research to develop new products, enhancements to existing products, or to help determine price points.
    I have been in the industry long enough to know that farmers are very very busy people, and enjoy talking about their equipment, but are often too busy to sit on the phone for 30 minutes during planting, spraying, harvesting, fixing fences, baling, feeding, and everything else.
    There is a solution. Our community is something that can be done at your convenience, and you'll get notifications when there are studies available for you.
    Personal Marketing Research was founded in 1953 by John and Eleanor Duffy. The company provides clients with superior market research, with an emphasis on client needs and a consistent commitment to quality control resulting in accurate, trusted data. In business for half a century, the company has grown from a single office field service to a multi-dimensional market research company. Personal Marketing Research is an Iowa corporation that conducts local, regional and national research projects.
    We are offering $20 to sign up and take the profile survey. There is no obligation after that to do any more, however people have found these topics interesting, and you will be paid for every survey you take. The number of surveys you take is completely up to you.
    If you are interested and would like to sign up, or get more information, please call us at 563-322-1960 or email me at [email protected]