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    LOL, Verb that sounds like quite a mug. Well, least ya got it in Kansas and not New York City.

    My mug looks like one of them cooling towers at the big power plants and it says computer genius on the side of it. MY ol lady got it for me and it kinda favors the shape of her waist and bottom. Holds about 3 cups of coffee and the little USB powered warming base keeps it warm for me. I think she got tired of running back an forth to the kitchen and bringing me more coffee.


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      Whaaatttttttt? Ag Web set a new record on 1/12 at 10AM. (crop report day?) Can't help but wonder what all of those 353 guests above have to say.
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        Originally posted by verbatime View Post
        I had two eggs on toast with a banana and coffee. I usually give the egg one rap on the counter but, the morning I noticed your post I had started two raps on the side of the mixing bowl.

        I drink my coffee out of a mug I bought in Manhattan KS last year as a sort of a scalp when we kicked their asses. It has one of those kittens images on it and it's purple.
        I don't drink out of that mug anymore.