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  • Resources for growing hemp

    Have questions or answers about the resources needed to grow hemp? Post them here!
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    Reader submitted question:
    We are looking to grow Hemp commercially.
    A few of the question are
    : seed suppliers
    : contacts for buyers
    : what equipment it takes to harvest the crop

    Any advice?


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      There are a number of options available for both seed/fiber production and CBD-rich varieties. I'm not an agent for any of these entities but you could start with Colorado-based Bija Hemp at 833-937-4367; John Strofus at Minnesota Hemp Farms ( Given today's USDA announcement its going to be 2020 before we have full implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill language so Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill will remain the law of the land until then. (

      Given this new ag crop Is arguably in its awkward teen years, standard contracts like we have with established commodity crops are still catching up with the explosion in the year-over-year increase of planted crops (most of which are planted for cannabidiol-rich end products).

      There are a handful of entrepreneurs designing equipment to lessen the hand-labor requirements of cannabidiol-rich cultivation; ditto for seed/fiber operations. Two great sites for you to peruse would be: and here:

      This crop holds substantial promise for agriculture and it's going to take a little time to mainstream its presence after nearly 80 years of Prohibition.


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        Production ahead of processing so marketing NEEDS to be looked into before getting the horse saddled up...
        Minnesota is drafting a state hemp regulation plan to submit to USDA.


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          a big learning curve down here on the Funny weed local guy thought he had all the eyes and tees crossed had a untick situation had a stretch of ground next to the river only he rented and farmed receved permission to close roads and gate them and cut all other access to the farm around 500 acres t

          this is or was a well known FLABOYANT guy bin bankrupt several times know and in with the right bankers lot"s a cattle big equipment a big wheeler dealer well he received a permit to plant 500 acres of the weed WOW unheard of for this area boy he bought the seed built green houses hired I don"t know how many people and had planted 500 aces fertilized to hilt he was headed to be a billionaire he forgot one thing OLD MAN RIVER yep it was 20 foot under this spring lost everything and no insurance when it dryed up he managed to replat a eighty I believe harvest has bin mad but prices have droped to nothing ------------oh well -dave


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            What little I know about the legal growing of hemp, it would take more than stupidity for a banker to loan the "flamboyant" guy a dime, much less on 500 acres.
            I'd say ma nature pulled one on a, couldn'tappen to a better guy!


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              Iwas not going to say this but it could not happen to a better guy -------------------------------dave


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                I tried to make it easier for you 479... lol


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                  I would bet now that it is legal to grow by farmers , that there will be over production and prices will be in the toilet .
                  Its the American Farmer way !