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    David479 82 farms in central MN about 3 hrs from here just guessing by what counties he's in for his parking lot business. Heck natty even quit trying to get us to read his chit we need to find out if it a farm urinal access thing from nebby chicken or whatever intern is supposed to be in charge of agweb this week where everyone is
    Don't get tripped by what's behind you

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      Uncle cracker looks like he almost crapped his pant but made it to the outhouse
      Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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        just got in the house Root had to make a run up north for combine parts --mid MO area cut through some of the main farming area there and saw one of the biggest grain carts I have ever seen in my life this thing was humongous if I can get this picture to post I will it had a 24 inch discharge 7 axles under it around 50 long it held 4000 bu-----------------------------dave


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          I'm here but not all there, Leebert

          been so damn busy bagging corn , apples , sugar beets and trying to combine that I haven't had time to check in. need to try harder but I'm supposed to be retired


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            Sounds like Leebert is in the bag.

            My farming work will be done in a few days and i will become a full time 'honey dewer'

            Keep working Lee. Its easier than retirement.

            Our 2166 combine left for a new home on Wednesday. That leaves a big hole in the heart and the machine shed


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              Well King, I suppose you want a "participation" award for you years of work too

              Marilyn showed me a posting on facebook that might help you, I will try to repeat it.

              The husband was having trouble taking orders from his wife and was leading to some difficult times,
              so he went to a doctor, who prescribed Jack Danials, any time his wife told him about something that
              needed done, take a big sip, and swirl it around without swallowing.

              After a couple weeks, the husband went back to the doctor, and he stated that he was really pleased at how the Jack Daniels worked,
              the doctor responded, it is NOT the Jack Daniels, it's keeping your mouth shut...

              Good luck!!!


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                  NOTICE the Kangaroo insignia...even if it is red white and blue...They showed something similar at a convention a couple years ago, park those at the edge of the field and
                  the "regular" grain carts haul to the mobile bin, soil integrity might be jeopardized if the farmer tried to move that one loaded,,
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