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Just a story to make you ex truckers feel better.

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  • Just a story to make you ex truckers feel better.

    Just to remind you guys who are unable to truck how things go I will recount my day. A typical truckers day.
    6;00 arrive at work. Inspect my truck. Add antifreeze.
    6:15 ready to go. Boss arrives and has a low tire. Help Boss with tire.
    6:30 head out.
    7:00 arrive at shipper.
    7:15 we are informed they will not be loading due to weather. Stand by. Listen to shipper complain we are not hauling fast enough until 7:30.
    7:30 receiver calls and says loads for the day are cancelled. This is the receiver I have been sitting at 6 hours a day waiting to unload.. He also has been complaining we are not hauling fast enough. Sit in truck and watch it rain until 8:45. loader operator comes to visit with us. He informs us our loads for the day are still not ready and won't be until a day or so after the weather changes.
    Also requests we go get breakfast and bring back. Switch program to do different loads.
    10:00 Back into a couple ft of standing water to load.
    Have to get out and spot operator. Water is cold.
    10:30 Pull out in to busy street to tie down in the rain.
    11:00 Untied at receiver and waiting to unload.
    12:00 it quits raining and receiver unloads.
    12:30 back at shipper. Water is getting deeper and colder.
    1:00 Tying down out in busy street. Cold water has me in need of an emergency anti -Pepsi break. Thank fully I am parked so the off street side is next to some tall weeds. I crawl under the trailer between the duals and do what has to be done
    .1:03 here come 2 police cruisers, lights and sirens! Thankfully it was only a fire in a near by building.
    1:20 Cruising down the interstate and police cruiser in front of me does a panic stop. 3 lanes of solid traffic and I have a load of long wet steel on. Sure am glad I threw that extra chain!
    Never did see what the officer stopped for as he sat in the traffic lane a few minutes and went on his way.
    1:30 unload at receiver. Forklift operator is a nice guy. Sure wish my Spanish was better.
    1:45. Wait for dispatch to come up with another plan. ( May have possibly stopped at the coffee shop)
    4:45 get back to the yard.
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    Dang IADave ,,, Why am I thinking I can't wait to get harvest going and done so I can climb back behind the wheel ??? Seems like there are a lot of those kind of days , and nights with trucks .


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      One nice thing about so little traffic here. If something is not real important, and not that amusing, at least posting shows some one was here. And who knows , may spark a good story line from some one else..


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        Someone NEEDS to give ECI a hand at getting on here, HE would surely post an even better story iadave!


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          Dennis , FJ don't seem to have a lot of interest in helping posters get back on here . I have talked with ECI and told him how I get on here , guessing he still can't . Having said that , I can get on here but wife still can't . She has tried every which way she can ,, no success . Every once in a while some FJ person comes on here and says they're gonna try to help ,,,, then they're gone !!


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            All I do is hover on Markets, then click on Discussions, then click on New Topics. Works every time.


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              AYE Dan11 [h=1]Spam Moderation Plan[/h]

              This is a sticky topic.

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              You will be checking in at least once a week? Yu mean your not hired full time? What is your other job, No wonder nothing ever gets fixed on this site

              There will be someone checking in every day, just not always me.

              I'm definitely full-time, been with the company for 8 years. But my "other job" is planning and building new digital products and features--websites, mobile apps and the like. I also handle website improvements and redesigns. I'm currently in the middle of a major website rebuild project, which takes up a lot of my time.

              Technically, moderating this forum is not part of my job, but someone had to do it, so I stepped in voluntarily. I hated that the site looked like crap because of the spammers, and I hated that you all were so frustrated over the spam. But I can't check in every day, so that's why I recruited help.

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                Someone forgot what was said....and FJ continues to NOT show their support...