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  • new type of ticket!

    We had a new one happen the other day. Some one called Law enforcement and reported one of our drivers was watching tv. The officer stopped our man and gave him a ticket for watching TV.
    Now the odd thing is The "screen" was our ELD!. When the officer was shown that he then wrote a ticket for malfunctioning eld because it showed the total miles on the vehicle.! It also shows the miles traveled that day as required.
    The tickets are warnings so we can not fight them.
    I didn't know you could get a ticket for something not observed by an officer.
    It also shows how little the public knows about what we are required to have in our trucks.

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    Even worse than how little the public knows about truckers , is the cop . I try not to bad mouth law enforcement . They do an important job . they're the first ones we call when in trouble and sometimes put their lives on the line . Buuuut ,,,, what the h3ll is wrong with a cop that would write you a warning ticket for something like that . I ain't really figured out what the offense was ?? That cop was a joke and is the kind of cop that will shoot somebody because ,,, well ,,, he the cop Has A gun ! He's to d amned scared to look for sombody who has really committed a crime .
    AND ,, My next thought is ,, THAT is the reason why truck drivers are in short supply . Who really wants to put up with that kind of harassment and stupidity . At this point and time a person can get a good paying job , be home every night in their own bed and NOT have to put up with that crap !


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      Dairyfarmmn's hometown area has an overzealous young DNR officer who during community celebration and 4th of July started going around town giving away tickets to utv's in town for said celebration. People in community are hiring lawyer going after him for incompetence.
      Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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        I think of the cop with the gun thing once in a while. Years back ( many years back) I was always told to just come on back to the car as that was easier for the officer. I ran local grain and it wasn't like we didn't all know each other.
        Any way one evening I rolled out of my Cab over and here the officer is hiding behind his car door pointing his revolver at me! That gets your attention!
        Even if he didn't know me he should have known with both hands on the truck getting down I was no risk to him.


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          Have you been doing much trucking this summer ,Dan?
          We were busy enough I had to put the ELD in {:.