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I can not make this up

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  • I can not make this up

    I say what HEL L ---I say again WHAT THE HEL L -----------------------------US MARINES smuggling emigrants into the US for money --REALLY -do they not get payed enough already do you think they will have a job next week ---DOUBBLE BLACK EYE -----SEAL TEAM IN Afghanistan had them a party over the week end drinking and women --I can see that --only one problem not allowed head Chef says no confidence sends the whole bunch home in both cases some redrilling must commence we can not have anymore of this -------------------dave

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    This is not a good situation. We need to have a military that can be trusted to carry out their mission with honor and bravery

    I.m wondering if these marines are democrat supporters and trying to embarrass the Trump administration while help[ing get more people of the colored persuasion into our country


    Are they republicans who strongly believe in free enterprise and the pursuit of the almighty dollar .

    Service members receive low wages because the liberal keep giving so much to illegals that the military gets short changed. so

    who's too blame?