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Sunflower Fest 2019

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  • Sunflower Fest 2019

    Inviting all of the AgWeb family and anyone else that reads these threads to our sunflower fest July 26-28. or anytime your near here lots of things to do and see

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    Well only a couple of days to go and the sunflower fest will begin. putting the finishing touches on the trails. tomorrow the tents go up, bouncy houses and all the props for pic taking
    getting alot of calls for info. last year the most calls in one day was 324.
    so Fri to Sun let the fun begin


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      Having finished wheat harvest only a week ago, NO way will we be able to make it...still have stubble to spray before the cover crops can be planted
      this year, rain makes weeds, and they are ahead of anything in the cover crop line up that can compete.

      Hope you and yours have enough GOOD help, and everything goes smooth!


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        Good luck Duke. i'm certain you have all your blossoms in a row. You guys do a great job of hosting a fun event. Been there and its a good time.

        Its impressive how people flock to the sunflower fields for pictures and kid safe good time.


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          I am sorry I will miss out again this year sounds like fun!


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            Yesterday went great, lots of folks and more kids. had a little rain in the morning but afternoon was bright and sunny. Sat. is always the biggest day. flowers are blooming more today.
            gotta go get ready Its Show Time


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              Duke do you give money ba k to the kids who find golf balls in your private driving range?

              We find a couple every year in flooded river bottom from golf course upstream 3 miles take them up to front yard and send em back out into the field with the driver. Cheaper and less frustrating than going to actual course.
              Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                Well sunflower fest 2019 is in the books. vrey large crowds on Sat.and Sun. all went good. the late bloom didn't keep people away. everyone had a great time

                fR I don't hit golf balls in that part of the field, but if I did I'm sure there would be some found. need to go walk the trails to see what some people lost and pick up some lost clippers for sunflower picking.

                gotta go and start the clean up
                stay safe Leebert