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Am I old? or just lucky?

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  • Am I old? or just lucky?

    4 of us working in the shop today. One guy working on a non runner. Cause is electrical I am sure but unknown. 2 guys reframing a truck. Then me. They had me in the office putting together a chair. Does that mean they think I can't cut it? Should I be offended? Or just feel lucky?
    I did spring for the water to put in the fridge. LOL

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    iadave, I'd just take off and go fishing. they'll never know your gone.


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      Does the office have AC? Do you have to test the equipment you work on?
      Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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        go with you first though---------------------dave


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          Geee, thanks for the vote of confidence there David!
          Maybe you are right. I managed to spend most of the afternoon on that chair. I had to make sure it was safe for those office girls!


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            I think they knew who the real mechanic was . Those chairs can be tricky , especially some of them foreign made ones so the other guys stuck with what they knew and sent the real wrench man to tackle the unknown . Good job there IADave !