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    Farmers are getting unionized. Weekends are spent golfing, sleeping, camping [luxury style] and honey dewing.

    The weakends used to bring out the best conversations Even some good jokes.

    Now we can't repeat jokes because funny is offensive. Like the Green Bay Peckers -----Who would desire to be offensive?


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      An old guy out in the sunflower field told my wife yesterday ,,
      Bret Farves parents are suing him . Seems they invested a lot of money in his college education , and , all they got was a quarter - back !

      May be an old one but still funny and thought it would go with Kings .


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        Originally posted by NebbyChicken View Post
        Hi fellas! It's me, Jen from AgWeb. It's been a while since I've been on here, but there's a good reason. We've been redesigning, and I'd like to invite all of you, as regular users of our site, to take a sneak-peek at it before we go fully live. Click the link below to check it out.

        I would love to hear your feedback--good or bad, just please be honest. Also, if you have suggestions for future improvements, please let me know. You can share your thoughts by replying to this thread. We haven't released this new design yet, so I'm trusting you to please limit your comments and feedback to this forum.

        Thank you all. I'm excited to hear what you think!
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        well well nebby, maybe I got this figured out....try, sometimes it works to log on to the Farm Journal site that I have LISTED in my Favorites..., THEN after the mastoid hemorrhoids seed advertisement stops and you can click to get rid of that annoying "thing", THEN scroll down to the bottom, Discussions is listed in that list...but don't try to get back on after logging off, it is a bad request.

        Discussions is listed under the "useful links"
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          Originally posted by dennis1 View Post

          Didn't a few more of us show up at Mike's aka ses farm stead that evening, including me, 48, or am I "thinking" of another about the 48 farm tour verby,? AND
          that **** in the picture is just there to show mike a thing or TWO..
          That was the same trip...