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    Hi fellas! It's me, Jen from AgWeb. It's been a while since I've been on here, but there's a good reason. We've been redesigning, and I'd like to invite all of you, as regular users of our site, to take a sneak-peek at it before we go fully live. Click the link below to check it out.

    I would love to hear your feedback--good or bad, just please be honest. Also, if you have suggestions for future improvements, please let me know. You can share your thoughts by replying to this thread. We haven't released this new design yet, so I'm trusting you to please limit your comments and feedback to this forum.

    Thank you all. I'm excited to hear what you think!
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    Are the mobile and desktop site going to be the same and I did a quick scan will we be able to get to discussions from the new site. Otherwise some things seem less convenient but that's just us having to think about what we are look for
    Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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      we need help JEN we still have people out that can not get a hold of you or even send you a E-MAIL as your site will not recognize them I was one for a bit now ECI ----KEN is one right now HE CAN NOT CONTACT YOU for guidance ---WHAT THE HEL L --- how many others are
      in the same shape where is 82 --DB -55 ---help -----JEN -------------I HAVE PHONE NUMBERS------------------------------------dave
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        Well, it's early for some, but my first response is, chit, a new letter head and the same chit heads in the office.

        nothing personal, just say'n what I see...


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          I don't have a problem on this site. But pictures are impossible for this tech ignoramus. Maybe udders are smarter

          I enjoy reading what others Dennis and David post. I always have trouble getting anything done with my antique equipment

          Oh should edit last sentence refers to last night.

          Unfortunately there is no need to post much on this site about dairy farming. None left.

          Maybe a thousand or so dairy farmers a day should be going to California to escape the horrible conditions on farms.

          Maybe Jen and udders would take notice


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            kind of jazzed that front page up JEN looks good its attractive and informative first thing I look for when I come to agweb is the the Grains and their price for the day that's ower life blood trudge e on -------------------------------------------------------dave


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              Thanks everyone! Keep the feedback coming. flyingRoot , Yes, the desktop and mobile site are very similar, we moved to what's called a responsive design so that it will resize to fit your screen. You will still be able to reach discussions as well.


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                Well N-Chick , here is my opinion , and only my opinion .
                There really was nothing wrong with the old site and discussion board that a little bit of FJ attention couldn't have fixed . As a matter of fact , I heard a lot of participants say they much preferred the FJ site OVER many of the other AG sites .
                A few of the problems with the old site was the spammers . When they took control of the site no one at FJ hardly ever noticed or cleaned up their mess or allowed a moderator the ability to stop them .
                When there was a tech problem , such as log in issues , It took FJ for ever to hear us or to remedy the problem . BUT , That still seems to be a issue as right now on this GREAT , NEW , site , there are many who can NOT log in here , My wife JDG included .
                And , everyone has griped and complained about how hard to impossible it is , and has been to post pics . Can that be changed ???
                It would seem to me that apparently the biggest problem was just a lack of FJ participation . And , just because you have a new site that problem will not change unless FJ changes it . WE have had several from FJ come on here and say they were going to participate and make changes . A week or two later they're GONE !
                Sorry for taking FJ to the wood shed ,,, But ................................
                Personally I way better liked the old discussion board over this Mucked - up mess . But , again thats just MY opinion


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                  Testing to see if I can post a photo


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                    Looks like it worked
                    Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                      Dan, you're just too stuck on liking the OLD things.

                      At times it seems like you're 'old' wife seems to pick out all the newer things in your life. lol

                      For me this site will work fine, but I really preferred to way it was before spammers and neglect ruined it

                      I will pretty much be a reader and a sideline poster and not a picture poster or taker


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                        Hey guys, just to be clear - I was asking for feedback on the link I posted, not the new discussion boards.

                        I'm sorry if some of you dislike the new discussion forum, but for technical reasons, we HAD to upgrade. However, I have noted your feedback on the new forum, as well as the login troubles. davidm479 - Can you please send me a message with the usernames of those who cannot log in? I may be able to help, and if not, I can get our tech guys on it.


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                          finely l a welcome sound I will gladly send you names and add and give you more help if needed------------------I will try PM first------------------------dave


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                            Will the new agweb have fresher news or market commentary than the week of the fourth? Or is FJ giving up on being a news organization?
                            Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                              Cant get on new agweb through link above no updates on old agweb FJ should give their advertisers the money back, tell the loyal readers to go "bleep" themselves and shut it down cause they certainly don't want to do the work necessary to stay in the game.
                              Don't get tripped by what's behind you