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    Just made me realize how much one generation perceives things than another.
    I had a sweep auger break with 2 semis waiting to load. Of course we scooped about 1500 bushel. Hot and humid today so I am soaked with sweat and dirt forming mud.
    Any way I pull in to the local farm store and there is a young lady and her Mom there. Mom is mid 20's. They give me the evil eye and visibly move away from me at about 40 ft. It happened with about every one under 30 or so. Every one over 40 just knew I was a working man having a rough day
    To me it shows the different life experiences from one generation to the next.
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    People today seem more concerned about the nice things in life.

    Be Clean, Smell good, Wear nice good fitting clothes. Treat others as equals


    The others are people who work with their hands, get dirty, even smell of cattle or sweat. We just need to accept the fact that we are second class citizens whose work and existence are no longer needed


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      interesting but true-------------dave


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        I notice here that the cool thing is to look and act like a farmer , except for the HARD work , and the dedication and commitment real farmers give to their operation .
        I wear Muck boots when its muddy and when dealing with livestock and knee deep in manure . Go into town though and everybody in all the stores have on their muck boots . Its trendy now . If I wore mine to town there may be a bit of odor to them , they're the real deal . And of course lets not forget the holy , ripped , torn , dirty jeans . Of course theres smell a lot better than mine .
        And now the way to decorate and remodel the city peoples house is of course " Farm House Sheik " ! Put barn wood or corrugated tin on the walls . A galvanized tub for the kitchen sink . And lets not forget a few old farm tools to hang on the wall and maybe a piece of old farm machinery to set in the front yard , even though most of them have NO CLUE how or what any of them were used for . Sometimes it irritates me as some of the things we wore , did and the way we lived , was because thats all we could afford at the time .
        Its all cool only if the city people really don't have live or work like real farmers ,,, just pretend .


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          I bet you would be surprised how many folks live a "pretend" life. They pretend to make good money. Pretend to have a fabulous lifestyle on social media. Even pretend they are constructive when they are at work.


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            weeeeeeeellllll, I'm GLAD I NEVER had the money to invest in niki, since MY view one of their spokespersons is WAY different.

            Kind'a goes along with, I never needed a politician,

            never needed a Hollywood actor or actress,

            never needed a pro athlete,

            but if I am going to eat, I do need a farmer.

            of course, now fake meat is very similar to dog food in analysis, so don't get confused...


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              Nope, don't need a farmer either! I have been told food comes from grocery stores!
              It is so ingrained that things come from the store I have been unloading at the store and folks think I am loading!