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  • Remembering breakfast

    The other thread a couple of you guys liked chocolate Malt-O-Meal. I had never had any MOM until I was married. As a kid I usually had cold cereal for breakfast. A good runny sunny side up egg on toast was second on most eaten followed by pancakes or French toast. No ketchup on the eggs, but peanutbutter and maple syrup on the pancakes. What do you all remember.
    Don't get tripped by what's behind you

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    I can't remember this morning, let alone when the dinosaurs roamed!


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      I guess my favorite breakfast as a kid, before the school bus arrived, was a couple hard boiled eggs, broken up ( after being shelled) with a fork, with honey on them. That and warm homemade bread with lots of butter. That along with bacon or sidepork, and lots of OJ.


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        I supposed if beer is breakfast remembering the morning could be difficult
        Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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          Never had the privilege , or miss fortune , which ever it is of eating Malt O meal . I did eat a lot of oatmeal as a young kid . Seems we usually had a pretty good breakfast . Also had a lot of Eggs , Bacon , side pork , Sausage , French Toast and my favorite , Pancakes with real maple syrup . If we were late with chores and had to hurry to catch the bus then we had cereal and Milk .

          My wife , who for what ever reason , CAN NOT , log in on here . Said to tell she had it rough for breakfast . Usually cereal with instant milk on it . I , growing up on a dairy farm and milking cows most of my life , can't imagine instant milk . YUK , really sounds bad . Our milk was always cold and fresh out of the bulk tank .

          When hauling taters we always had a favorite restaurant we stopped at that had a good breakfast . Usually I got 2 pancakes and 2 sunny side up eggs and lots of coffee . Wife usually got eggs , bacon , toast and coffee . Dang place closed and can't find one as good yet .


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            I remember when I started kindergarten, one day Mrs. Larson went around the room and asked what we had for breakfast. I told her toast and coffee. That's what I liked. Didn't drink the coffee, just dunked my two pieces of toast in it until the toast was gone. The teacher got the most awful look on her face and told me that would "stunt my growth". Well I had that for breakfast for years, ended up at 6'2" and 200+. Unhealthy as it was, guess she missed the mark.


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              Just imagine how big you would be if your growth wasn't stunted!
              I know how you feel about a good restaurant closing.
              We used to go see the inlaws. The REAL reason we went was a little place with about 4 tables made awesome eggs and bacon. The place finally closed. I assume the gal running it gave up.
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                Mom would make fried homemade farmers sausage ( not the store bought kind ) had lots of grease it . dip homemade bread in it and put Karo suryup on it.
                sramble eggs fried bread was another favorite


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                  10 kids[old now] in the family. Weekdays was grab your own cereal or mom had oatmeal or cocoa wheat

                  Sundays and special days were a couple pounds of bacon and fried eggs sunny side up fried in the bacon fat. The bacon used to have more fat and tasted better We always had homemade cinnamon rolls and toast

                  On Christmas and Easter the special treats meals were Kielbasa or ham and eggs

                  pancakes were for Fridays