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Happy Mothers Day

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  • Happy Mothers Day

    Wishing all the mothers in the AgWeb family a wonderful Mothers Day. Amy's home for the weekend and on Fri.night Lisa smoked babyback ribs and had a great supper. yesterday the girls took BA to a golf outing and steak dinner.

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    I will say Thank You Duke, for the mothers, hoping the mothers can have a nice happy day, even if I don't seem to yet have a full understanding about mothering...


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      Same here. Beautiful morning here. Sun shining. Just watching the cattle and reminiscing about Mom and Dad, good memories. Enjoy the day, love your family. Focus on what's important. The rest will work itself out.


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        I'll give a DITTO to all the well wishes to the Ladies and mothers out there reading this . With out you , we wouldn't be !
        And , My wife does so much more than being a mother .
        So even though it often goes unsaid . A BIG THANKS , for all you do !!!