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  • Originally posted by dan11 View Post
    IADAVE , That is my thought too on a car down south . Only this time I won't come back till its warm , really warm .

    As for what you think is a pillow issue . I just thought that was normal . Heck I wake up quit often with feathers in my mouth . Never realized other guys had the same issue . My wife , with a big smile on her face , just says must be a guy thing , she has never had that problem before .

    FR , Don't miss cattle at all and the ol horse just died . Don't see any livestock of any kind in my immediate future . We have got where we enjoy traveling or trucking and any animal is a responsibility . I salute all you farmers who raise livestock . Don't matter what kind , It is a BIG job and responsibility . I have milked cows most of my life and wife and I milked on our own for 30 years . There were a lot of great enjoyable days . There were also some real tough , miserable days , and you are never , never paid enough for everything you endure with livestock .
    Hats off to you all !
    Are you and the misses getting along ?? There might be more to the smile on her face ! I never in my life have owned life insurance. Any temptation like that might be just enough to put her over the top and I'll be suffocating under my pillow too !! haha


    • When we got married I told my wife no life insurance. Now she knows why.


      • well the last few days have been nothing but rain and not real warm . easter sunday supposed to be in the 60's. wishing it to get warmer so I can put the boat in itchin to go fishin