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    Danged disk and field cultivator didn't pack it very good huhhh?

    4 red machines started north of us this afternoon..some dust, more tracks, looked like a lot of running around with headers up missing water holes, sand was going apparently,
    the expert..lives 22 miles away/son said it was TO wet on ours, even after I volunteered to give it a try. Neighbor tried at noon, 14+ and tracks, again at 3 and wetter, ground and beans, hasn't
    called back since his attempt at 4:30...he calls if it is to brag! and rub it in..


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      Nope they didn't. Let that rain all soak in, lol.

      There was some corn and beans starting to get harvested yesterday. Now I'm thinking Friday if we miss the rain tonight. Got some no-tilled ground down on the river that might go this afternoon but just as well wait and see what the rain does.
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        mud , mud, mud about says it all, combine stuck, trucks stuck, verrseys stuck...………….are we having fun yet?


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          I have not sid this in a long time but UNCIL its time for it to stop just a little bit gosh it just will not stop beans are ready should have bin cut two weeks ago now popping out we are going down hill fast-----------------------------------dave


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            Cut this afternoon on the farm by the river. Low spots muddy, beans flat in spots, shatter easy when the sickle hits them. Sure not what I was imagining when I planted them.


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              We started after noon today...and since the monitor had to be re calculated, 7 loads for the afternoon...haha don't get to excited, most of the loads were in excess of 8000 pounds for
              calibration...the beans are doing very good, glad we didn't try yesterday..moisture started at 13.5, when we shut down it had been been running 10.2, BUT with the first day break down being
              losing the drive chain on the return, so tailings busser and light...and NO chain to be field or shop, so "borrowed one off the neighbors that is sitting in the shop"...Dang, it is dirty,
              David took a picture and Marilyn showed it to me, and he was such a slave driver wanting to get the semi loaded for tomorrow mornings run...did, but I hate running and not being able to see,
              it's an early shut off tomorrow...Goblins Glory, the local FFA chapters annual fund raiser, and another Lmao I WON'T be running the Bingo this year, I didn't handle the situation with a little
              girl and her boyfriend politically correct I guess...she is cuter n anything, and she knew it, but I DON'T step on egg shells without breaking them a little more...the advisor thanked me, her
              daddy didn'

              Making more tracks, so half bins maybe 3/4, saw what the bto's were doing, my comment is still, I haven't attempted to get some of this stuff correct for the last 25 years, and then go
              screw it up by cutting tracks, the drill won't go yet, so it's plenty wet.

              sometimes it's just FUN being hard headed!

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                We tried some corn the last couple days Rained out today. Running the drier later in the day Still over 50 degrees. Tomorrow day time high of 35 with 25 mph winds.

                More corn tippin over Foot deep ruts in the dry fields. Water flowing down the ruts today Yesterday the water was just standing in the ruts. erosion equals drainage. These were our driest fields. The wetter ones will take a long dry period or some colder weather.

                Beans on dry ground will go next week. Wet ground will go when Heel freezes over!!!


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                  Got done on 10/18 -- never - never cut beans like this in 46 years - they just will not dry down to 13 - my guess is that my average would be around 15.5 - lots cut mid 16's - only seen one load go under 13 --

                  Still lots of beans out around here = they have no way to dry them -

                  Wind advisory for Eastern IN and OH = 50 mph + winds = down corn ??? maybe ??


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                    wtf Ken, ours were running 9.5 tell those who will listen, it's always dried off in Kanssas! lol

                    I do NOT like what the combine is doing as far as tracks...besides going slower than I've ever gone with soybeans, it's going to take a several days to get over them, I didn't even
                    look what the monitor showed as the acres we harvested today.


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                      Weather up nort here is really frustrating . So far since the end of Sept. seems we have only had about 3 descent days to do anything . It is either raining or snowing ,,, or both . All of Oct has been way below average on temps and the winds are always blowing hard .

                      Been selling LOTS of deer corn . Not sure what is gonna happen next year . Heard yesterday they found a deer in da U.P. with CWD . The DNR has been wanting to shut down baiting and feeding for years . They may have just found their excuse to do so . It will severely hurt a lot of farmers and businesses . Deer feed has become a BIG business and large source of income for many , self included .


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                        Michigan lawmakers should have listened to Trump and built that wall betwixt the UP and Sconnie. Now its too late.

                        of course deer hunterz always follow ALL the rules [sarcasm intended]


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                          You Middies outta come west to Gods Country!! We were way too dry this summer, caught some Sept rains, less than 2", another inch this month, + beautiful autumn weather..sun, breeze, and very few night frosts. They are talking el Nino, which gives us a warmer, drier winter. We usually pay for this dry fall by getting a wet spring next year. Until then, no sense planning any trips to paradise places like the Gulf Coast. Now, if the milk price would rise, we could stay in bed a little longer, and not fight the morning fog!


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                            It has been beautiful weather here. .I should have been combining but I have spent most of the last week fixing stuff. Yes, some of it should have been done earlier but most of it just broke.
                            I spent most of one day just putting air in tires! I did get a consolidate a couple bins of corn while the air chuck was on the tires though.
                            I finally got to the field day before yesterday and got a whopping 12 acres done when the chopper shaft broke:{.
                            My brother and nephew came down yesterday to help. Boy was my nephew disappointed. Instead of getting the keys to the tractor he got handed a shovel and then some tools!


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                              Well, that didn't take long, finished soybeans yesterday evening, about 250 acres of corn left to go. Ole trusty and his buddy MacDon never missed a beat. A person can sure get a lot done in a day with that combination. I need to rent more ground again...NOT!!!

                              Our soybeans went from 17% moisture to 10% moisture in one day thanks to high wind. One day we recorded wind gusts of 48 MPH. Average yield this year on our 600 acres of soybeans was 52 bushel/acre, which is slightly above my 10 year average of 49 bushels/acre...I'm happy with that. I even have the majority of them sold for November delivery for pretty a decent price for a change...I better measure the bins, and hurry to the FSA office to sign up for my DJT soybean tariff relief payment.

                              Our soybean straw is so dry we didn't even need a straw chopper the last couple days. All that came out of the rotor was dust.

                              We have a great 7 day weather forecast outlook. Low 50's for highs, low 30's for lows which is slightly below average for us...but sunshine. The next chance of even spotty showers is Thursday. Barring any major explosions, we should be done harvesting by then.

                              The worm sure turned on the weather front here in a very short time, we're actually getting a little on the dry side.


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                                have not cut a bean here we keep getting deluged every three days neighbors cut some yesterday 18 19% moisture clouding up tomorrow for Wednesdays rain this is getting old fast-----------------------------------------------dave