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    We started shelling on 9/18 - finished on 10/1 - beans - still are not ready -- as most in this area - some as the corn are flat - I mean FLAT on the ground + they have some rotten looking beans in the sample - this appears to be from bean leaf beetles - hear that there docking the livin chit out of them - dam - didn't see that one coming - lol

    Been VERY humid here - dew points in the high 60's -- low 70's = foggy morning here - the ones that are cutting start at 1:30 or 2 - then have to stop around 6 - btw - I hate raising beans - everything about them - That will be a great thing when and if I ever retire from this stupid business - lmao

    I will post up some interesting data on our full field study with Sulfur - pretty cool deal this year - But I will say - that this data on our farm is just that - data for our farm - not others may be affected like ours was

    Have a great day



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      Well our floating casket warning started yesterday and goes through Tues. or Wed. Started out with a fast 1.5 in. over night. Looks like the heavy isn't supposed to start until Sunday. Said 7 in. to higher in spots. Planted no corn this year. Tried the beans Wed. afternoon when it was 90 with a strong south wind. Just not quite ready yet.


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        I haven't turned a wheel harvesting here yet. After the last 4" dump, we've had about three days of sun, the remainder of the days are cloudy and misty just like today. My soybeans still had a green tinge to them and looked lie lima beans in the low spots until we finally got a frost/freeze Monday morning...or was it Tuesday morning.

        I was going to take some corn after the last four inch dump like the neighbor to my Nort, but my corn was 28% moisture hand sampling, which tells me it would 30ish% moisture when I got in it, so that ended that plan. Neighbors is 21% and died at least a week before my corn did, same maturity corn. I sure hope my efforts to keep my corn alive longer than the neighbors equates to more yield for me than the neighbor.

        I just keep buying parts for ole trusty. Pretty soon he should be completely restored.


        Today's project is another quick restoration of the feeder house.

        Sunnier days are in the future forecast.

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          Well 4450, watched it on radar...just never could get enough build up to get a few miles nort to get us, se of us have had 2 events the last 2 days...with flooding..BUT
          we are in the area of up to 90% chances through Tuesday..AND we have NOT turned a wheel in the harvest field! A couple neighbors have, they've tried several fields, did get ONE
          finished...I believe the now that it will get even wetter, the elevator wet bin is full of wet soybeans, so they will now have to be below 13%

          Just how much more plastic can they put on those RED machines?


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            3 inches so far as I type. So far came decent, no fast and hard. Quite a bit of corn been picked around here. Most dryland not good. Some beans and a little milo being cut, what was early planted. If 82's combine is "ole" trusty, mine would be "real ole" not so trusty, lol.


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              Noticed this morning that the weather station guru is reporting from Panama City Beach, Florida. NOT looking very promising for Dave and Sue's Southern spread. I really don't know how to prepare for a wall of 100mph. water. Hope everyone is safe.


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                Last year about this time of year, we had just returned from the Southern division of 82 farm from doing hurricane Irma recovery efforts...our entire first coconut crop was wiped out.

                Dave and Sue will find out it's best to be self insured against wind, and to not be part of a HOA. The broken window, and sliding glass door on one of the condos we sold are still not fixed or replaced...and the HOA would not let us, or the new owners R&R the window and door because the HOA is sueing the insurance company.

                Irma broke a couple windows in our shanty, we lost a palm tree, we lost a few cement shingles and our pool screen because the neighbors cement shingles blew off the roof of his three story Mcmansion onto the roof of our single story shanty.

                We had all the widows and doors replaced with ultra high impact, hurricane windows and doors (no more worries about wind) and all the other repairs finished just after Christmas. Our place was needing the windows to be replaced in the near future, Irma hurried the timeline or replacement by a year or two.

                The first three questions all the contractors we worked with asked were 1.Is there a HOA involved. 2.Are you in a gated community 3.Is there an insurance company involved. If you can answer all three no (and we could) you are instantly put on the top of the AAA+ list. The cost the work estimate is cut in half also.

                I met my bi-lingual roofers in the parking lot of my favorite (within walking/stumbling distance) crappy bar while the guys were bidding on the repairs of the crappy bar roof. I hired those guys on the spot. They were on the job the next day, and finished the next day. Ours was one of the first repaired roofs on Marco. I would recommend those guys to anyone.

                As far as a preparing for the wall of water...don't waste your time sand bagging.

                This is a picture off the "hut" at the property where we owned the condos during Irma. We were lucky and had no water damage in either unit.The water was within one inch or less from the floor level in the ground floor unit mom owned.All but three or four ground floor units had no water damage. The direct water front ground floor units had to be gutted right to the stud walls. Owning direct water front is not always a good thing...there are advantages to being poor.


                You can see the "hut" in the background of this picture. My roomate would have been washed away to Cuba during Irma...hmmmmm. The water would have been up to her waist where she is standing during the tide surge.

                Mona 012.jpg

                This is a picture we took from the poor mans rental boat this summer. This is the building that borders our old condo property. This is at the mouth of the Gulf, the Marco river and the waterway that our house is on. Where the crane barge is sitting there was a big fishing deck, boat docks, and a lawn. All the soil has been washed out from underneath the building from the Irma tide surge. Now if it was me, and I owned a ground floor water floor unit, I would just chug a hole in the living floor and fish from my couch. Lot's of big snook hang out there.


                The owners of the condos in this complex have been assessed $!8,000.00/each condo, payable the day they were assessed, with a very good chance of being assessed a like amount in the not so distant future.

                edit too add...Hurricane Michael only brought a slightly higher high tide, a couple rain showers, which were actually quite needed, when he went by the Southern division of 82 farm. Looks like a record crop of coconuts this year...I suppose everyone else has record coconut crop too, and the coconut price sucks worse than the soybean price...where the sam hill does a person find the going price for coconuts?
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                  Lost track of the rain guage. Somewhere around 7.5 in. total in the last week. More predicted tonight and tomorrow rain changing to snow. Haven't harvested a thing. Thought there was going to be a fair amount more wheat planted this fall in our neighborhood by the planting that went on earlier. Most wheat here is planted after the beans are cut and there hasn't been any of that yet. Insurance date is Oct. 31. It's going to have to quit raining right now if that's going to happen. Don't think anybody is going to wait until the ground holds the combine decent to cut beans. And that doesn't leave too favorable of planting conditions to follow up with the wheat drill. What a mess.

                  Edit to add. I realize we aren't any worse off than a lot of the country and a heck of a lot better off than those who are suffering from the hurricane.
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                    One of the partners on a partial of land and a land lord arrived today...Olatha, 8.5 date for here 3.72, but plenty wet.

                    A couple of neighbors have tried soybeans...more out the back than in the bin trying to get a dry sample...funny how well those choppers shell bean pods and how visible the soybeans are after some rain...

                    Like 4450, We have NOT been to the harvest field, got close, but the stems would have been a challenge with the old green machine!(and the report from one was NOT below what
                    elevators would take for storage)

                    Yes, a grumpy situation is coming on...but it is what it is, and WE probably won't be able to do much about the weather for another day or two..

                    We may have some weather problems, but at the least, we don't get attacked by the ocean like some of those people do/have been.

                    Stay safe everyone...I keep thinking about a few years ago, fought fall harvest to the end, then the weather turned good and would have been a lot easier
                    if the unknown as to whether the next one takes some crop down or cover it up..or...well anyway..


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                      mist falling as snow @ 5:30...even 4450 is going to get some more w e t..according to radar


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                        Also raining here ! Down to 110 @ of beans - Friday - around 5 p.m. got a tenth - so didn't start till 2 yesterday - got 40 @ cut - doing it all by myself -

                        Will be back in a minute

                        OK - back now - had to walk out to check rain gauge - looks like a whopping --- 1/2 tenth ! enough to knock us out today - weather chick just said more rain late today - tonight - maybe Monday morning .


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                          SNOW......falling right now up in the Northern Fringe !!



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                            Snow falling in west Central Iowa also. Enough to stick on the deck.
                            Combine is still sitting in the shed just like I left it last fall........


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                              Yup, snowing here too.


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                                will Iowa suck it out before it gets to ECI??


                                3pm today