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  • Interesting Farm Facts

    Some facts I thought were interesting

    In the 1930’s, 25% of the population lived on a farm, now it is less than 2%
    It takes 15 to 20 years to develop a new crop variety
    a spoonful of soil contains more micro-organisms than the number of people on earth
    Wheat is the world’s most widely cultivated plant
    One bushel of corn will sweeten more than 400 cans of pop
    The plants growing in a 2 acre wheat field have more than 30,000 miles of roots
    One in three U.S. farm acres is planted for export
    In clay soil, it takes 1 1/2 times as much force to pull a tillage tool at 6 mph than at 3 mph
    It takes a combine 9 seconds to harvest enough wheat to make 70 loaves of bread
    Americans spend just 9.5% of their income on food – less than any other country
    A single steer has enough hamburger meat to provide for a 4 person family for nearly 6 months
    75% of every dollar bill is made of cotton
    An ear of corn averages 800 kernels
    During the Civil War, soldiers used soybeans as “coffee berries” to brew “coffee” when real coffee was scarce
    Bread products go stale up to 6 times faster in the refrigerator. Leave these at room temperature or freeze them

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    Interesting stuff indeed.
    "You are only as good as your next success, not your last" Sir Jock Stirrup


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      Good stuff, interesting