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    would have put in humor, but there is room

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    geeeez, I suppose this could be a repeat of above gift! lol

    What Disney Christmas Movie Led to Children Calling a Phone Sex Line?
    If you don't remember the scene in Disney's The Santa Clause that makes reference to a sex line, it's because Disney cut it out after people complained. But not before a lot of families racked up some serious phone bills. In one scene, Tim Allen's ex-wife hands Allen a slip of paper with her new mother-in-law's phone number on it in case he needs to reach her. Allen then jokes, "1-800-SPANK ME? I know that number." That joke about the easy-to-remember phone number caught kids' attention. They started calling the 1-800 number, which in turn instructed them to call the 1-900 number for a very real sex line. There were multiple reported instances of kids racking up several-hundred-dollar phone bills for their parents. One ten-year-old girl even had to go into counseling. The scene was ultimately removed, and Disney attempted to purchase the phone number in order to discontinue it.