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  • what would happen IF

    News was broadcast 3 or 4 times a day, and the 24 hours of "news" got turned into Day time Soap Operas like the alpha bet networks used to have??

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    IF ??? THAT IS WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. Real News is broadcast a few times a day and the rest IS soap operas. The "Soap Opera" news is by far the higher ratings. That goes for FOX , MSNBC and CNN .All of those have news a couple times a day. The rest is soap opera. We get what we want.

    BTW - the online stuff is ALL soap opera. NO News there.


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      any one trying One America News? OAN


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        Wikipedia - One America News - "Originally launched with the intention of targeting a conservative and center right audience. .....The channel has been noted for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories." Also - ....".prime time political talk shows" .......

        There's your kind of soap opera Dennis. All bullchit but if you don't care about facts it can help you feel better. Tries to convince you what you think and do are good. Unfortunately , falling for conspiracy theories is a definite sign of a weak mind. (not toward anyone in particular , just generally).

        In my own words - Real News tells you what IS happening...... Fake News and Propoghanda tells you what to think about what is happening. Think anout that WHILE watching your soap opera (propoghanda).


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          Okay, I'll think about it while watching, you won't have to think watching CNN and the alpha bet news channels, they tell you exactly what they want you to think/and do...and
          how much would be left out had it NOT been for some other than alpha bet and cnn types?