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  • will be the BTOs new ride

    Rolls-Royce sets a new sales record in 2019

    accounts roughly for 30% of our total volume,

    Rolls-Royce sets a new sales record in 201O Rolls-Royce delivered a record number of sales in 2019 with over 5,000 vehicles sold in over 50 countries. On The Move panel is joined by Rolls Royce Motor Cars CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös to discuss the company’s growth.
    When you hear that an automaker sold just 5,152 cars total in 2019, you might think it was a pretty tough year. But when that automaker’s vehicles’ prices start in the low $300K price range, and escalate in amounts multiple to that, well then it’s a much different story.
    And that’s what luxury automaker Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

    did last year, selling a record 5,152 cars to customers in over 50 countries across the globe, representing a 25% jump from the previous high set in 2018.

    IN contrast Aston Martin I thought was a high end car Their sailes droped 52% for 19------------------------dave
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    You would think they could have found a better picture to release that didn't have the fat ba stard in the photo.