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DAMNED fire arm deer "hunters"aka poachers and tresspassers

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  • DAMNED fire arm deer "hunters"aka poachers and tresspassers

    SECOND call from legal hunter in a stand/blind since opening Wednesday, someone shooting from property without having permission to be there, or shooting from road, then lying to
    ME about having permission when I get there, but I actually don't see them doing what was reported....this time, the party is the same as one we have had problems with
    in the past, needless to say, I did the talking he did the walking with a well chewed butt.

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    fought the same situation for years Dennis ---------solution-----------I started a hunting club I allowed 8 members ad I sold them the right to hunt on my property for one year at a time by doing this they did the Policing and they and you can now file charges on trespassers for theft of services also your hunters had to carry your sighed release with them to hunt their no papers on person is hard to get around when caught and yes I did have a few arrested and precited and fined ant stuck after a few the Word sped fast--------------------------------------dave
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      There is a liability situation that I'm NOT going to get involved with when Paying/members people hunt.

      The major problem stopped after the "hunters" who had what they thought were lifetime hunting rights were shown correct meaning of lifetime, that could sound
      like a bad deal for some lol when ownership changes, so do the RULES if they aren't recorded at the abstract office.

      The slime balls eventually die off but their off spring carry/learn the same traits.

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        Dennis just buy a couple of new pickups, park them at the access points, with some old hunting gear minus guns during hunting season they think somebody else beat them there and move on.
        Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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          NOT necessarily fr, the snowflakes will stomp around, take pictures of license plates and send them to Parks and Wildlife claiming that party doesn't have permission,
          just because the pick up owner happens to be the one paying the property taxes...on the vehicles and real estate... lol


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            I know that one for sure Dennis! I was told to quit combining one day by a hunter. He told me he was calling the sheriff. I have been threatened at gun point several times too. Oddly enough those guys don't come back!
            I have been watching several driving through the fields lately also. Seems no one bothers them....


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              Had a rented farm several years ago that had a lot of trees and creek on it that was deer heaven. Couldn't keep one neighboring family off of it. Landlord didn't want them there nor did I. They didn't care. Yes I could have called the law, went through all the hassle and maybe they would have gotten fined. But the reputation these guys had, I figured about the time my wheat field got ripe it would mysteriously catch fire, or I leave a piece of equipment parked overnight there and it would develop bullet holes. Final straw was when I drove over there right after deer season one year to find 4wd tracks plowed through my wheat field and a dead big buck lying out in the middle minus his head. I was so pizzed going home I could feel my head throbbing and thought I was going to have a stroke. Got on the phone and called the landlord and told him to find someone else to farm it, I was done.


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                I have only one farm that I worry about people without permission to hunt get to. The good news is neighbor hunts it with permission and he isn't afraid to run them off cause he's the sherriff. Rest of farms landlords live on property and practice the 3 S's
                Shoot, Shovel, Shut up and the one has a backhoe so he says he could bury their truck and all.
                Don't get tripped by what's behind you