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    Hello 4450. Yeah now I see why old couples eating at restaurants seem not to talk very much. I figured they were married so long they maybe ran out of things to say. Now I see the old guy is just keeping his plans close to the vest. More chance it will work out in his favor ! LOL. Still learnin' .

    Thanks for your support about the shoulder. Recovery has been difficult but going well lately. Used so much pain meds in the first three weeks I didn't dare go back for more. It seemed like they were worried I was becoming an addict or selling them. Maybe I was reading too much into their questions. The physical therapist said the extra pain was probably because my shoulder blade joints in my back were frozen up from the weight lifting injury from two years ago. And while in surgery they took the opportunity to tear it all loose again.(by pulling the arm through the full range of motion !) If they didn't do it while I was under anesthesia the physical therapist said he would have had to do it without it. THAT WOULD HURT !

    Every surgery is different and every patient is different. If my recovery went extra good maybe it was because I am 47. I did supposedly get the best surgeon in this area but not because I am so important , but rather because I got it so badly torn up. The other surgeons didn't feel confident they could even fix it. But the surgeon said it went surprisingly well. I am happy with things now. You are 1000% right about not over-doing it . You only need to screw up once and you wreck things forever. I'm trying to be really careful not to screw this up ! Takes eight months to get mostly healed up (80-90%). Thanks guys. It has been a pleasure reading Agweb each day while healing.


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      Originally posted by drdiederich View Post
      Ron, look into used Nissan Leafs... (or should it be Leaves? hahaha)... you can get used ones for very cheap right now since the gas price dropped. A lot are coming in off leases. If you are only going that short distance than the electric car is just for you!!
      As usual dr you have come up with the most intelligent , well reasoned and insightful solution. I certainly will have to check into the Nissan Leafs and any others like them. I have noticed I have changed after surgery. I don't care as much about what is best or what is most efficient any more. I can't stand reading farm magazines or papers right now. Not even Hoards Dairyman! And I'm NOT going to any grazing conferences either.

      I kinda feel like I just want what I want and life is short. But as I get back into the swing of things I might get back to my senses !!


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        I checked into the Nissan Leafs like dr suggested and he was right. I could get a 2013 Leaf with under 3000 miles for $14,000 . That would make it the smarter idea for a back and forth barn car. We'll see if I feel like doing the "smarter" thing when the time comes. I sure didn't learn my lesson about sharing my thoughts about what I want to buy with the wife. I told her about dr's idea and what I found for the prices of leafs and she thought it was a great idea. If I decide that I do want a new truck when my barn car dies I might end up getting the "short end of the stick again "!!

        I did take Percy's advice and ordered a pair of new running boards for the old truck ! Even ordered SS ones as he said - since the old ones rusted out in five years and some on Agweb figured the old truck might outlast me !! LOL

        Thanks Guys !


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          I put the drivers side running board on.Really does help a lot. Had to weld heavy angle iron directly to the frame because the sheet metal body where the running boards are normally mounted was too rusted out.We welded some bracing pieces because coming out 90 degrees from the frame left a fair amount of flexing. Only going to mount passenger side with the heavy angle and no bracing. The passenger side is used a lot less and by people who weigh a lot less. Whatever vehicle ends up replacing my barn car I will be able to use the Ford as the farm working truck . Even if I get a pick-up , I can keep it nice for a longer time. That's worth something to me.


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            It worked well to weld it up to the frame? I need new running boards on the farm truck and will need to do the same.

            Keep us posted on if you go with the truck or a car. At least your wife is on board with a new car!
            "You are only as good as your next success, not your last" Sir Jock Stirrup


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              I'm really happy with the way we mounted the running board. We used 2" x 3" X 3/8 . It took 4 pieces about 14" long. If someone is really big it might need some bracing. We ended up welding near the bottom of frame on one end and welded the angle directly to the heavy mounting plate that came with the running boards on the other end. One hint - best would be to weld the angle as close to where the running board actually bolts to the factory bracket. I would weld the angle over the bolt(but leave enough room to tighten the bolt) that connects the running board to the bracket they provided when I do the next one. The closer to the running board the angle is - the stiffer it will end up. Hold up angle and running board (2 people) , tack angle to running board , hold up to recheck , put on bench and weld angle solid to running board bracket. Hold up and weld to truck. There is a lot of room for "adjustment" when doing the final weld to truck. But it does work great ! Not very difficult.

              I rechecked the angle size since it seemed perfect - 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x about 14"

              I will jump back on here when the barn car gives out but it might be quite some time. The weather is warm and the car is running good with 165,000 miles on it. Maybe a really good deal will come to me while I wait ?
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