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  • NEVER to old to learn...

    We enjoy the company of a few groups of hunters annually, upland game/pheasant and
    quail, and both archery AND gun/including powder deer hunters, as well as dove and water fowl.

    WE do NOT take money! That is what I tell them when they want to express their
    gratitude for a good time....BECAUSE I DO NOT WANT TO FACE LIABILITY ISSUES
    should there ever be an accident of some sort. They are free to give tokens of appreciation,
    articles from clothing liquid refreshments of all sorts, and the last couple years, from big
    **** door stops to a couple guns and a compound bow.

    I have never shot a compound bow, watched son and son-in-law and grand kids, my bow
    shooting limited to re-curve target and carp shooting off the local lake during high school

    The compound bow came with necessary items...including instructions from bow shop
    co-owner, with the patience of a rock...I told them I wanted to learn, with NO bad habits..
    come to find out, it is just bad form from the beginning, on my part.

    Some of you will receive an email that a county commissioner sent after finding out about
    this bow learning...sorry verby, can't send it to you, some FFA student might see something
    that could cause permanent mental damage.
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