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    I am going to re activate an older thread. We are in undated by wild hogs in the southern part od the U S. they now run in droves of 50 to 500. I carry a gun, but when you see them you had better be ready to shoot. They will be gone in a few minutes. My son was spraying some wheat yesterday and rousted a sow and about 20 piglets. When you go out with the purpose of shooting them , you will never see them. they have become more reclusive now that previously. Some of the younger guys around her have rifles with night scopes and are cleaning up. You just don't ever know when you will see them. Some company is now going up and using helicopters to shoot them. It is 600 Dollars per person. But the county commissioners have stopped that because it is not safe with all of the lead spraying around. They are trying to in corporate some type of birth control. good luck. It is really getting to be a problem. One of my hay fields was rooted up just recently. Some guys have the pens that have cameras and can trip them by a phone. But they are just selling them to hunting preserves and not helping the situation.


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      Thank you for weighing in Doc, so many do NOT see the damage done by feral hogs.

      Many see it as a sport, or a revenue sport failing to understand the damage the feral hogs do!