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    How many remember this day in history, like the 9-11? I walked into the high school entrance and was met by our math teacher, who told me the President has been shot...watched
    a lot of tv the next few days when I could...
    November 22, 1963, was the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, while visiting the state as part of his campaign. Here are five things you probably didn't know a ...

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    I was waiting to see if anyone else would answer your thread Dennis and what I thought was going to happen happened most do not Rember because they were too young or not even born yet for me that tragic day is forever etched in my mind I was in grade school and the head Sister came into the and told the class the President had just bin killed and they were dismissing class for the rest of the day that day turned into three going home their was not much traffic on the road you could see people in the stores standing around and listing to radios and a few T Vs the whole town was in shock -------------------------------dave---------------------in following days we witness the First live killing of a man on TV Oswald
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      Dave, I started writing a response yesterday, but was interrupted by a phone call from a mutual friend and I forgot to finish it. So I'll start over

      I was a junior in high school. It was shortly after lunch and I was seated next to a really good friend. We were taking an exam, and we were sharing answers. I the middle of the class, the public address system came on with the announcement that their had been a shooting in Dallas and our president was rushed to a Dallas hospital. The class was shocked. President Kennedy was one of us. Young and liberal. Nothing could take him down. A little later the PA system came back on with possibly Walter Cronkite reporting about the tragedy in Dallas. Followed shortly by rumors that the president was dead.

      School was cancelled as soon as the buses could get in and pick up[ the students. It was like the world stopped turning. Everything came to a halt. Thanksgiving almost was an after thought.

      It was the first time I saw my dad watch TV during the day. I also saw both my parents shed a tear about something on the TV. It was like a really bad dream followed by news casts, killings, funerals,, the elevation of LBJ to the presidency. . It was the end of CAMELOT I still remember the conspiracy rumors about Cuba and Russia or the mob ordering the killing of our president. I believe the mood of the country was sadder after 11/22.63 than it was after 9/11

      If that would occur now, there would be a week long celebration. My how our nation's mood has changed


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        I was a Soph. and was in Biology lab; It was mid morning, and Big Ben, our Principal, came on the pa that Kennedy was shot. In the ensuing days I recall going duck/goose hunting while thinking about every theory of the shooting imaginable. The funeral on TV impressed on me that people actually cared about someone other than a war hero.



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          I remember my English teacher, with a smile on her face, saying,"Well, we've got a new President." I would have liked to wipe that smile off her face, but I suppose she thought some kind of a stoic outlook was important.


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            I was in the third grade, in Mrs. Jacobson's class. In the middle of Let's Sing, they started to come on with a special announcement. She shut the radio off, and met out in the hallway with the other teachers. After a while she came back in and told us that the President had been shot. We were all teared up, didn't know what to think. Like King said, that was the first time I remember having the TV on at our house during a weekday.
            King- I would not celebrate that. Assassination is a terrible thing for the country to go through. I also am not a fan of this impeachment proceeding. I feel the only way to change things is at the ballot box. If that happens, do you think the Trumpers are going to act any differently than the Democrats have been? Our country has become so divided. Sad.


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              November 22 1963 was one of the saddest days in my life and possibly the nation history. JFK, like Trump was elected with a minority of the total votes. His faith and his age were negatives to his presidency. He made some big mistakes during his short tenure, but he was enthusiastic. The nation was basically united around his leadership. He was young and vibrant. Jackie and his family were very photogenic. and TV had become THE social media. It was really the first time that the common people got to see the president. The country was happy and we were much younger and more hopeful

              Today, twitter and all the instant social medias are dividing this country. Everybody hates those who disagree with Trump are our enemy. Those who love Trump's policies view his opponents as traitors. The people who hate Trump want to have him gone PERIOD

              TRUMPS death would end his reign of hatred, so many liberals would rejoice.


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                Republicans used to care about the rule of law, about nurturing relationships with our allies, believing our own intelligence agencies over the claims of the Russian leader. Republicans used to care about truth and facts instead of following their leader down a rabbit hole of endless falsehoods. Trump relates everything to himself, never to the good of our nation. Not only does he try to shake down Ukraine and China for political gain, but it appears he does the same with American businesses. The 25% tariff on imported steel affects huge numbers of American companies. These companies can ask for waivers on the tariff. As of last March, over 51,000 waiver requests had been received with 19,000 requests from American steel companies asking for denials. The whole process is a bureaucratic nightmare with some government official deciding the fate of countless companies making a profit or possibly facing bankruptcy. Is this decided by donations to Trump? No one knows, but seems likely to me. Trump recently spoke at an Apple plant with their CEO present. Trump said he would look into giving them a waiver for the tariff they must pay on China imports. Again, is this process at all fair? The normal level playing field for business has been subverted. Farmers and landowners seem unaware that their profits will be depressed for decades as China now knows we are not a reliable trading partner. They will invest in ag products and infrastructure outside the US in increasing amounts. I never came close to realizing what a strange bunch of humans we have here in the US.


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                  You think 2019 was a year from hell, just wit until ma nature shuts off moisture and all the grain bins that are bulging at the seams are empty, and then
                  to the snowflakes why there isn't any grain for livestock or human consumption...go ahead, blame President Trump Ff, your comic book isn't
                  any better with age.