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    I knew it was to happen today Chicken Trump backed down from a fight again I would have loved to of bin a fly on his wall last night during his party just as he realized what was taking place --a major munity --just how many senators did it take to change his mind he will try to do something yet I am sure days are running short now Jessy Ventura was a Seal was he not wonder what his take on this is -------------------------dave


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      I can not believe what he just did he flashed his middle finger up to the Seals today I will have no further comment on the matter people let him get away with it I may return one day after he is gone it has bin fun and informing friends have bin made and lost and died to keep my sanity I must go good day-------------------------------------------8:12PM----11/25/2019--------------------dave
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          Until we have been in those shoes, judge NOT...

          [h=1]Trump ordered Pentagon to let convicted Navy SEAL keep elite status. (wlmailhtml:%7BC704D5B9-E012-46E9-AF1F-EE24945CFEFB%7Dmid://00000203/!x-usc:[url] 80ca9e010e[/url])[/h] President Donald Trump ordered the Pentagon to let a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield misconduct keep his Trident pin designating him as a member of the elite force, instead of holding a review board, his defense secretary said on Monday. The disclosure by Mark Esper illustrates how Trump intervened repeatedly in the case of Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, who was acquitted by a military jury of murdering a captured Islamic State fighter in Iraq, but convicted of posing with the detainee’s corpse. After restoring Gallagher’s rank on Nov. 15, Trump on Sunday gave a formal order to halt the military’s plans to hold a review board, Esper said. “I spoke with the President on Sunday. He gave me the order that Eddie Gallagher will retain his Trident pin,” Esper told reporters at the Pentagon, referring to Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher.
          Source: Reuters