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    Friday I was layawayed at what just took place THE President commuted three {3} convicted service men for crimes they had committed during War I could see the point on some but taking your picture with the Dead enemy now that just like hanging a trophy on the wall why not just stuff him and hang him up so it would be real life WE have rules of engagement for a reason and the vigilante hell just capture them and shoot them boy I bet that made you feel good these guys were tried and found guilty by their pears then *** Hole turns them out their fellow service men are feeling pertly low right now---------------------------------------dave

    dump the Turd
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    Like everything, there are AT the LEAST, 2/sides to every story...elect Joe Biden, and his late g-relative horse thief might be "pardoned"...NOT willing to do that myself!


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      Sometimes when you're dealing with pigs , you have to get in the manure with them .
      And that was an insult to pigs , comparing them to some of the sh*t heads our service people have had to fight .


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        David i've been avoiding posting on Agweb. Partially because I've been very busy. Harvest dragging on and on and on

        Almost like your mindless drivel condemning our president his cabinet, his advisers, his family, his friends and his loyal supporters. Its repugnant to read some of the drivel you have been posting.

        Shame on you I really thought you were a decent person who just couldn't spell or use the English language. But lately you're making old Freedom Flake and Ron sound like republicans.

        Grow up Look at both sides of the issues

        The demoncrapts still can't accept the fact that their chosen savior was really the devil reincarnated.

        I support common sense, and right now there is none in the democratic party

        As far as Trump pardoning some soldiers who killed our avowed enemies. THREE CHEERS KILL THEM OFTEN AND VERY PAINFULLY


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          sorry King if I heart you feeling I am stating facts here these three were found guilty of doing wrong in a military court of law what they did was wrong we must rise above the enemy and have discipline in the ranks or it will go to peace's what will they do next now King tie them behind the Tank with a rope after they kill them to show their trophy's off now To this dog and pony show that is all it is he is not going to be impeached he revels in the challenge their is only one thing that will take the Bully down and it will be his own doing is his Taxes he hates Taxes he will spend millions paying lawyers to save a dollar he is nothing more than a common thief a tax dodger when and if the Supreme court makes their ruling he will quit rather than show his Taxes and besides King I hate Bullies what ever side they are on oh and Biden has no chance either also King I did not mention the Democratic party in this you did their is no party evolved in this just him trying to make brownie points-------------------------------dave


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            does this sound familiar?


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              Dennis lets turn this around I do believe we have heard the same calls before of all people Clinton its the same thing just the other foot and God forbid if it Was Obama they would be camping on the White House steps now can you or King deny that---------------------------------dave--------------------also King I did not have the chance to go to Collage like most my school days were cut a little short at that time


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                David, Our country has erected A O Cotex as a congress critter. Taking a picture of a trophy kill in a war isn't much worse. The last time I looked there was no bag lim it on the number of enemy kills. The mooslimes seem to have no problem posting videos of their killing and torture parties. Maybe they will understand us better if we wrap their dead bodies in bacon before taking the picture.

                We all try to avoid paying taxes. If not, you are a fruit basket.

                Trump doesn't seem to object to paying taxes, just having his finances spread all over. He is a private citizen and as such should be able to keep his financial records private. It bothers me more when a politician [like little 0] gain huge wealth after leaving orfice. The democrats like Biden who sell their influence for personal gains are repugnant.

                I went to college BUT

                I learned how to respect all opinions but accept nobody's but my own. i already knew how to spell and basic grammar . College is expanding your knowledge of people and events drinking dating and life choices. I spent time in Madison marching against the Vietnam War. I supported planting trees, LBJ AND THE RIGHTS OF BLACKS TO BE BLACK.

                I voted for the great obamanation. Never again


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                  Trump doesn't seem to object to paying taxes, just having his finances spread all over. He is a private citizen and as such should be able to keep his financial records private. It bothers me more when a politician [like little 0] gain huge wealth after leaving orfice. The democrats like Biden who sell their influence for personal gains are repugnant.---------

                  ---Your words not mine He has objected to paying Taxes from day one also the rule of law states you must I REPEAT You must Divest of your money interest when elected to keep from influence your decisions which he and several others have broke on both sides I think its called insider trading is it not old Mitches wife was caught just the other day steering business to her family and don't forget TRUMP TOWERS SCOTLAND diverting military plans for delayed stays just a few ago the list is long will it quit NO not when money and power are involved as stated before his Taxes will be his down fall not the horse and pony show do we have a shut down coming this week ?----------------------------dave
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                    Wow, Kinghere, it sounds like your head was in the right place for most of your life, I wonder what has happened. Here's the way I look at things: The rule of law is important. If you break the rules, ;you better understand that there are consequences. When people around the world see the images and hear the stories of US military atrocities, that hurts our nation's efforts to gain the support of the world. Some Muslims have done some bad things, so now you seem to lump them all as "mooslimes." W's attack on Iraq based on lies lead to hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims. Some Muslims were bound to take offense. Sometimes it is difficult to blame others for our mistakes and evils. Republicans have made mountain out of mole hills for a long time. Impeaching Clinton for a blow job was ridiculous. Most of the puffed up BS during the Obama Administration was about as silly. Endless investigations over Benghazi, something about e-mails, horror, horror, Bill Clinton talked to somebody at the airport, fast and furious hum drum,,,, Nitpicking little stuff went on and on. Conspiracy theories were rampant. Logic and reality went out the window. We now have an unstable idiot liar as our president. I assume a great many of his supporters simply don't get any news except from right-wing sources. Yet even some of those sources like Judge Napolitano on Fox have laid out the strong case against the President. Emolument gains, both financial and political, obstructions of justice, witness intimidation, actual destruction of our government by replacing officials with Trump lackeys or simply leaving huge numbers of government leadership jobs empty. It may take a long time to get our government back to at least a half functioning proper system. And while people love to knock the government, Trump is leaving our future more in peril. And with that peril, climate change and his attitude of making it worse is simply horrendous.


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                      WHATwas your draft number King-------------------------dave


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                        Freedom Farmer For years I was a devout liberal.. As far as what happened? I got older. I got wiser. I realized that the liberal way was going to be socialism. I watched too many people who relied on government support who never left the dole. Why work? Crime and welfare are WAY easier and more profitable. I got tired of it. Some of my favorite relatives lived in Chicago including my mother. The stories they told about liberal atrocities and the destruction of huge areas oif the city by the expanding black population.

                        I have no respect for Muslims with an agenda to destroy infidels. When referring to that portion of a a brutal cult I will call them mooslimes [it phonetically correct]

                        I thought the sins of Clinton were really a joke. His biggest sin in life was making poor choices of who he had sex with. When I see Hillary I know he could have done better. Benghazi was a mistake by the Obama administration, but definitely not anything illegal. It showed that the State Department was ill prepared to protect their embassies. Nothing more Nothing less. It happened to in republican and democrats throughout history.

                        I think a lot of the things Trump has done with advisers and policies have been horrible mistakes. He is a bully. Sanders is a baffoon. One would be as bad as the other. Liberal brainfarts will not cure Trump's inability to be president

                        Lock her up was campaign rhetoric. It should be nothing more

                        Impeaching Trump is a campaign rhetoric which is nothing but Trump hatred Biden's mess the same

                        Things go on in the pure world of international politics that are NOT always nice. But chitt happens. Lets all grow up and try to sweep a little partisanship under the carpet and try to make America a better place [MAGA]

                        But that will never happen in the era of political hatred
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                          Originally posted by davidm479 View Post

                          WHATwas your draft number King-------------------------dave

                          My mother set enough money aside to get me started in Canada if I was forced to go.

                          But having a student deferment meant that I was draft available for many years longer than people without student deferments

                          I bought a farm and got married. Lost my student deferment by telling off a professor and getting a failing grade. Wh ich made me a part time student and draft eligible. Just like Animal house [why? WHY???] 2 Years of service versus a lifetime of suffering and farming LOL
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                            Well, Kinghere, I look at things very differently. Today we have socialism for corporations and farmers. Today we have the greatest wealth disparity in a century or more. Today, millions of people toil away at low wage jobs and get little of no government help. I don't see much hope for partisanship. For instance, when McConnell would not allow a vote on Garland for the Supreme Court, I thought that was truly outrageous. At any rate, stuff happens and people's views get hardened. When Democrats get control, I don't want to see the Democrats bending over backwards to try to get along with Republicans. I thought Obama's worst fault was to try too hard to work with Republicans. Now days it's ram through whatever you can get. This is not at all good, but I see no other way. My wife pays over a thousand a month for extremely sh*tty health insurance. (3 months to go til that magical 65). It's insane that our nation does not have a better health care setup. Trump's legacy: destruction of America leadership in the world, lower taxes for the super wealthy, judges who care about the corporate world above all, and the fact that Americans could actually elect such a buffonish pathological lying creep.


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                              I rolled the dice my number was 125 They took everyone over 145 that year had several friend were drafted I LOST THREE of them that still bothers me today and on the other question on SHUT DOWN will it bother this --------------dave- [h=1]U.S. to begin second round of trade aid payments for farmers next week[/h] ([url][/url]) Reuters Fri, Nov 15 2:29 PM CST
                              Reactions ([url][/url])
                              Reblog on Tumblr ([url] k& round%20of%20trade%20aid%20payments%20for%20farmer s%20next%20week[/url])
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                              A farmer plows a field in the San Pasqual Valley near Escondido, CaliforniaCHICAGO (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Friday it will begin making a second round of 2019 trade aid payments to U.S. farmers next week.
                              The payments are the second part of a three-tranche $16 billion aid package announced in May to compensate farmers for the U.S.-China trade war. China imposed tariffs on key U.S. agriculture exports including soybeans and pork last year after U.S. President Donald Trump's administration levied duties on Chinese goods.
                              Farmers will now be eligible to receive 25% of the total payment expected, in addition to the 50% they already received in the first round of the 2019 package, the USDA said in a statement.
                              The payments "will give farmers, who have had a tough year due to unfair trade retaliation and natural disasters, much needed funds in time for Thanksgiving," Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in the statement.
                              Sign-ups for the payments will run through Dec. 6, the statement said. If conditions warrant, the third tranche will be made in January 2020, it said.