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  • Houston we have a humungus problem

    MOSCOW, October 26, 2019 – RIA Novosti – The Russian Ministry of Defense has published satellite intelligence images, showing American oil smuggling from Syria.

    (Click to enlarge)
    Image 1: Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic as of October 26, 2019.
    According to the ministry, the photos confirm that “Syrian oil, both before and after the routing defeat of the Islamic State terrorists in land beyond the Euphrates river, under the reliable protection by US military servicemen, oil was actively being extracted and then the fuel trucks were massively being sent for processing outside of Syria.”

    Here, in a picture of the Daman oil gathering station (42 kilometers east of the Deir-ez-Zor province), taken on August 23, a large amount of trucks were spotted. “There were 90 automotive vehicles, including 23 fuel trucks,” the caption to the image said.
    In addition, on September 5, there were 25 vehicles in the Al-Hasakah province, including 22 fuel trucks. Three days later, on September 8, in the vicinity of Der Ez-Zor, 36 more vehicles were recorded (32 of them were fuel trucks). On the same day, 41 vehicles, including 34 fuel trucks, were in the Mayadin onshore area.

    “Under the protection of American military servicemen and employees of American PMCs, fuel trucks from the oil fields of Eastern Syria are smuggling to other states. In the event of any attack on such a caravan, special operations forces and US military aircraft are immediately called in to protect it,” he said.
    According to Konashenkov, the US-controlled company Sadcab, established under the so-called Autonomous Administration of Eastern Syria, is engaged in the export of oil, and the income of smuggling goes to the personal accounts of US PMCs and special forces.
    The Major General added that as of right now, a barrel of smuggled Syrian oil ([url][/url]) is valued at $38, therefore the monthly revenue of US governmental agencies exceeds $30 million.

    “For such a continuous financial flow, free from control and taxes of the American government, the leadership of the Pentagon and Langley will be ready

    The reason for this activity, he believes, “lies far from the ideals of freedom proclaimed by Washington and their slogans on the fight against terrorism.”
    Igor Konashenkov:
    “Neither in international law, nor in American legislation itself – there is not and cannot be a single legal task for the American troops to protect and defend the hydrocarbon deposits of Syria from Syria itself and its own people,” the representative of the Defense Ministry concluded.
    A day earlier, the Pentagon’s head, Mark Esper declared that the United States is studying the situation in the Deir ez-Zor region and intends to strengthen its positions there in the near future “to ensure the safety of oil fields.”
    The original Russian source can be found here: [url][/url]
    By Z

    Protect The Oil: Trump’s Top Priority In The Middle East ([url][/url])

    who is going to blame for this act BUSH OBOMA of YEAH HILLARY did it ------its COVER UP TIME AGAIN --scratch scratch scratch cover cover cover ----------------------------------------------------dave

    flush that turd
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    Trump's Plan To Send U.S. Oil Majors To Syria Sparks Outrage-------------------

    anow WE know why he wanted to leave a few troops-----------things are starting to line-up---------------------dave

    A suggestion by President Donald Trump to send U.S. Big Oil companies in Syria to manage its oil fields has sparked outrage among both energy and legal experts, Reuters reports ([url][/url]).
    Trump made the suggestion last week during a news conference called after the news ([url][/url]) broke that U.S. special forces had killed Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
    “What I intend to do, perhaps, is make a deal with an ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly ... and spread out the wealth,” Trump said.
    The remark comes a few days after the Wall Street Journal cited ([url][/url]) U.S. military officials as saying Trump might leave a 500-strong force in Syria to protect local oil fields. The report came after Trump tweeted that “We will NEVER let a reconstituted ISIS have those fields!”
    Yet his intention to let Exxon or Chevron “go in there and do it properly” may be both illegal and immoral, according to experts.
    “The idea that the United States would ‘keep the oil’ in the hands of ExxonMobil or some other U.S. company is immoral and possibly illegal,” one academic, political science and international studies professor Jeff Colgan told Reuters.
    “International law seeks to protect against exactly this sort of exploitation,” said the director of the Emory Law School’s Center for International and Comparative Law, Laurie Blank.
    Exxon and Chevron, for their part, have not commented on Trump’s potential plans for them.
    Related: The End Of Syria’s “Pipeline War” ([url][/url])
    Even if taking over Syrian oil fields was not problematic in any moral or legal way, however, it might not be practical, according to Ellen R. Wald, senior fellow at the Global Energy Center of the Atlantic Council. Syria is a small oil producer and it lacks an extensive infrastructure that could make the development of these fields lucrative.
    Keeping a watchful eye on who does end up controlling them, however, makes sense.
    “U.S. control over the disposition of the fields and the hard currency they offer would provide a significant influence over the shape of Syria’s future,” said Alex Cranberg, the chairman of Aspect Holdings, a company that used to have operations in Iraq’s Kurdistan.

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      [url][/url] story cut and past---------------------------------dave

      flush that turd


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        After losing all three games in Washington over the weekend, the underdog Nationals became the first team in major league history to win the World Series by claiming four games on the road. Once again, they came from behind to do it.


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          awh come on you can do better than that ----------------it was a good win though finely a under dog wins-------------------------------------------dave

          we are still going to dump that turd


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            after 95 years, right out of Washington DC....