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    TIME TO SHAKE THIS BOAD UP AGAIN ----------------its time for WAR you decide domestic or aboard you decide we can DO both but rather not ------------------------------------------------------dave---------------------------------------one will happen

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    Both, and at the same time, get rid of the professional politicians who have been there in the swamp for years telling US they are doing their best, and along comes an
    unknown as far as politics who has done more to change America around (in MY opinion, FOR the better) since he has been in office than the B>O. attempted to degrade in 8 years, and still hangs
    around trying to start rumors that are snow flake attractions only. If Mrs Clinton had paid attention, she would have kept her mouth shut several times when it did nothing but prove
    her less than favorable tactics.

    Hows that?


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      You are deplorable Dennis.


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        Yes So are others, And all are damned proud of their label.

        War should be waged on the luberal scums that are female?? For defaming our country and it's president