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the reason for memorial day

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  • the reason for memorial day

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen no longer with us..

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    Sorry, the site will NOT allow this address to be entered the way I have in the paste, so it will be up to you to copy paste and stick to browser to see. The sorry part of this
    is it will NOT allow me to delete through editing.

    anyway, this is what I started out to show today..
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      Our age group today (65-100) may be the last to understand the sacrifices that were made so that we AMERICANS could live in freedom.

      This is a very touching video, actually a piece of film that has been made into a video, one that is NOT Photo-shopped, it's real.

      Notice in the opening shot of the plane landing on the carrier deck the gunner's position is all shot to hell while the pilot's ****pit ahead of it is undamaged.

      Later on notice the corpsman taking a fingerprint of the deceased gunner, before the film continues, then shows the chaplain saying final prayers, followed by taps, then the sailors push the aircraft and this patriotic airman over the side and watch it sink into the sea.


      This is what 18 year old "kids" were doing in 1944.

      No safe spaces, no hurtful unthinkable remarks that they couldn't cope with, just dying for their country.

      This 2 minute video is pretty moving. Worth your while to watch. "What actually made this country great is ordinary guys like this, doing extraordinary things for the freedom of our country and others."


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        to bad this site isn't up to par for the DAY!

        here is the real thing...

        so it yourself however...

        [SIZE=5][FONT=Arial] [/FONT][/SIZE]


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          and notice the "editing" to keep the sissy lilly limp spineless from seeing that there really was a C O C K P I T, we have allowed this to happen in our time!


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            Nice tribute to a generation of heros who cared for America. and the freedoms that she stands for.

            In this day of people being offended videos like this one seldom seen. The word C O C K P I T is banned because it offends people. Its really not the fault of Agweb. Its the fault of America's young people turning into spineless wimps who are offended by words. Heaven forbid if our country ever has to depend on our liberal neighbors to protect our way of life.

            But for now on this Memorial Day, we can still remember and honor our fallen heroes. Pretty soon their statues and memories will be torn down like the Civil War memories


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              On this day of reverence to all those who did what needed doing to protect our country during it's times of need - I ask - Would they be proud of the comments made from fellow Americans toward other fellow Americans on this post and others ? Mind you , fellow Americans those posters had never met. Whole groups disparaged to what ends ? Those posters make American enemies dead and alive proud. (shameful)

              Real heros are not extraordinary people people thrust into extraordinary times. Heros are nearly always ordinary people thrust into extraordinary times.

              If "extraordinary" times are thrust upon them the new generations will swell their ranks with heros at numbers our foes (and many friends like some here) could never imagine possible. That I have no question about whatsoever !! You can take that to the bank ! so to speak
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