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    congress needs to see the full report now blocked out their will be a fight until its done ------------------------------------dave


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      ]A Single Scandal Sums Up All of Trump’s Failures[/h] The president has been intervening in the process of producing a border wall, on behalf of a favored firm

      here ya go KING this is what I was talking about crooks the whole lot-----------------------dave

      Many of the tales of controversy to emerge from the Trump administration have been abstract, or complicated, or murky. Whenever anyone warns about destruction of “norms ([url],”[/url] the conversation quickly becomes speculative—the harms are theoretical, vague,

      The story demonstrates the shortcomings of Trump’s attempt to bring private-sector techniques into government. It shows his tendency toward cronyism, his failures as a negotiator, and the ease with which a fairly primitive attention campaign can sway him. At heart, though, what it really exemplifies is Trump’s insistence on placing performative gestures over actual efficacy. And it is a concrete example—almost literally—of how the president’s violations of norms weaken the country and waste taxpayer money.
      It may be a not-very-subtle sign of the frustration in the Army that the news leaked to the Post the same day that Semonite was called to the White House and Trump once again pressed him.* ([url]

      Fisher is a curious choice. The company is already suing the government after being rejected for any Army Corps contract for the border wall. Fisher was one of the companies that participated in a prototype exercise outside San Diego in 2017, but the company’s wall didn’t meet the specifications laid out by the Department of Homeland Security, which wanted a wall that agents could see through. Instead, Fisher pushed a more expensive, concrete wall, similar to the one that Trump promised during the 2016 presidential campaign. But the Fisher prototype was late and over budget. The CEO, Tommy Fisher, criticized the steel-bollard design that the government chose. Now Fisher is promising a steel wall, and it says it can build one cheaper and faster than any other contractor.

      Fisher Industries has some assets, though. Tommy Fisher is a major GOP donor. He has North Dakota’s Republican Senator Kevin Cramer in his corner. He’s already working on a private-sector attempt to build a barrier on private land in New Mexico, which is backed by close Trump allies such as Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist; Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos; and Kris Kobach, the former vice chair of Trump’s voter-fraud commission, who was under consideration as his “immigration czar.”
      Moreover, Tommy Fisher has wisely made himself a fixture on Fox News, which the president watches obsessively. He’s used those appearances to pitch his company’s plan. And in a statement to the Post, Fisher Industries struck a positively Trumpian tone, promising to build “faster than any contractor using common construction methods” and adding, “Consistent with the goals President Trump has also outlined, Fisher’s goal is to, as expeditiously as possible, provide the best-quality border protection at the best price for the American people at our nation’s border.”
      There are valid critiques of the Army Corps contract process. Like many government contracting processes, it can be sclerotic and award contracts to a crew of the usual suspects, firms that are geared not toward speed and efficiency but toward box checking. But it should be self-evident that the answer to fixing a troubled process is not for the president of the United States to personally intervene and pressure military leaders to award a contract to a specific company, controlled by a political ally, which has repeatedly failed to meet the standards laid out for the process.
      Trump’s obsession with Fisher is a triumph for the company. Even as Fisher has failed to follow guidelines and changed its vision of the wall, it continues to insist it can magically do the job better and faster than anyone else. These sort of pie-in-the-sky claims, in any realm, should raise alarm bells. They do not for Trump, for a couple of reasons. First, the president has demonstrated time and again that despite his self-styled reputation as a genius negotiator, he is actually a pushover who is easily swayed ([url][/url]).

      Second, the idea of putting marketing far ahead of actual results resonates with Trump. After all, it was his business model. Whether in real estate or mattresses or get-rich-quick seminars, Trump always prioritized lavish and hyperbolic publicity schemes over the actual delivery of the promised goods or services; later in his career, he largely eschewed the product part altogether, instead licensing his name and marketing prowess and letting other people build the buildings (or manufacture the mattresses).
      Trump’s micromanagement of the contracting process also reflects his M.O. at the Trump Organization, a lean company in which it was easy for the CEO to intervene in all sorts of decisions. As many a businessman turned politician has discovered, it doesn’t work that way in the public sector. Besides, all that stood to be lost at the Trump Organization was Trump’s own money—and lose it he did, profusely ([url]—as[/url] opposed to the taxpayer’s
      Trying to circumvent government guidelines in order to award a crony contract to build the wall creates the danger of a boondoggle that doesn’t really do what Trump wants the wall to do. But Trump seems indifferent to the wall’s actual efficacy. This has been true all along. The wall was always more symbolic than functional. As he has since acknowledged, there’s no need for a wall across the entire border, since some parts are topographically impassable. Moreover, few experts believe that a long wall is a cost-effective way to police illegal immigration. Trump’s lack of interest in whether and how the wall would actually work made it easy for him to occasionally, whimsically add 10 feet to his height estimate ([url][/url]), and made it easy for him to abandon the big concrete wall in favor of a steel-bollard design.

      But Trump also knows he needs to build the wall—really, any wall—or at least get a good start before the 2020 election. It was his central campaign promise in 2016, and failing to do so would risk alienating his supporters and might endanger his reelection prospects. As a result, he’s more interested in a performative wall than a wall that performs. If that means hassling the Army Corps to award a contract to a crony whose promises have fallen short repeatedly, so be it. If that means the wall that goes up ends up not being all that effective at stopping border crossings, or if it’s over budget, or if it’s behind schedule, so be it—so long as those bills come due after November 3, 2020.

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        There's nothing that will ever change you hardcore Trump haters mind. Schiff has been telling you be had proof of collusion for two years. Mueller and his team of Trump haters were going to prove it. When that didn't pan out, then the narrative switched to obstruction. You guys say you need to see the whole report. Nadler and some others at least had access to the whole report but refused go read it. Why not? Afraid of what they wouldn' find? You guys can be so focused on finding anything you can to disparage Trump and yet have a blind eye to the corruption in your own party. If that's what makes your world go around, knock yourselves out.



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          Nice read. I'm just wondering whose opinion piece it really is? it reads a lot like some opponent of Trump [LIBERAL] whose only goal is to do a 'hack' job against the sitting president. Where was this criticism when little 0 was handing out billiuon dollar awards to fake companies making 'green' energy contracts to companies who couldn't successfully design a skylight in a poleshed.

          Sorry Dave, but you're article is about as realistic as a popular folk song from the 60s called Puff the Magic Dragon A nice sweet parable as realistic as your Freedom Farmer post.

          I really don't support Trump's wall idea. but something needs to be done. A political solution would be a much better idea and cheeper than a wall. But Pelosie and her loyal flock [silent L] of liberals will do everything in their power to destroy Trump and his presidency. They fail to realize that a lot of people support a sane working government that looks out for white voter rights as well as the turd world people racing to our borders [invaders] not assylum seekers.

          Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the ocean

          Still sounds like a left coast fantasy


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            I guess I need to hurry up and write a book about Trump so I can have a get out of jail free card if I was ever thrower in jail or better yet berate his opponent's and get a lot of praise or may be a big government contract doing nothing ---be better than farming these days----------------------------------------------------------dave


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              4450, do you always lie or are you simply always confused? Nadler and others NEVER were offered access to an UNREDACTED Mueller report. Barr offered to give them a LESS redacted report.
              What the heck good would that do? Barr would simply leave out anything he thought was too damaging to Trump.

              Kinghere, do you ever wonder why the republicans got nothing done except the tax cut for the wealthy when they had total government control for 2 years?


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                You're correct ff. Everyone who doesn't see things the same as you are liars. Or confused. Or a phobe of some sort or another. So I wont waste your time or mine anymore posting. Like I said earlier, you're only going to see and believe what you want to see. Enjoy it.


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                  It always surprises me when people like 4450 are simply unable to see facts or simply somehow refuse to see factual information. Different people often have different points of view, but such obvious failure to understand facts is both astonishing and, it seems, is far more common than I used to realize. This is one of the reasons why democracy and even the rule of law seem increasingly fragile.


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                    One question for Ff, what are your sources of information?


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                      dennis, I get most of my info from C'mon dennis, you must have heard of a site called Google. Look stuff up for f*cks sake!


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                        LMAO. if that is correct, NO wonder the liberals have such great reviews. just because it is on the internet, that seems to make it factual, like most Washington Posts articles, but for
                        those to save face, go right ahead, the door behind you may lock itself.


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                          da mn I though it was Drudge---------------------dave


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                            [h=1]MAY BE JUST MAY BE DENNIS COULD IT BE FOX NEWS-----------------------------------------dave------------------------------------------------

                            Fox News host Chris Wallace confronted Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday with the lawmaker’s own words captured on video lashing the president for ignoring a congressional subpoena. But he was talking about Bill Clinton not Donald Trump
                            Graham also insisted at the time that ignoring a subpoena was an impeachable offense.
                            Wallace told Graham on Sunday: “You call all of what’s going on here in Washington a political circus, but you took a different view back when you were leading the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton back in the late ’90s. At that time you said that any president — and you talk specifically about Clinton and Richard Nixon — who defied Congress when it came to subpoenas was in danger of impeachment.”
                            In the 1998 clip, Graham angrily fumed in comments directed at Clinton: “You’re becoming the judge and jury. It is not your job to tell us what we need. It is your job to comply with things we need to provide oversight over you.”
                            At the time, Graham was a member of the House of Representatives and was leading the impeachment effort against Clinton.
                            Wallace piped up: “Question: Why is it an impeachable offense for Clinton or Nixon back then to ignore congressional subpoenas, but it’s OK for President Trump to do now?”
                            Graham said the difference between the cases is that the investigative report by special counsel Robert Mueller ([url][/url]) is the “final word on this for me.”
                            Mueller’s report said investigators could not establish “coordination” between Trump campaign officials and Russia’s interference in the presidential election. But the report also detailed 10 instances of possible obstruction of justice by Trump.-----------------bind twist stretch HE LL its just History repeating

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                              Davidm479, Fisher Construction company, was one of the original 8 contractors to build prototype walls on the San Diego border. They have come up with a system to build more wall quicker and at a far lower price than any other company... This is the steal bollard wall, approved by the Border Patrol, which they have been building the last couple years.

                              Just go to YouTube and search, Fisher border wall. They have several videos to explain the process and why they are most efficient...

                              It's not a sweetheart deal, They actually are saving the tax payers billions!!!


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                                I need some of your thoughts on what is happing with the impenetrable WALL well as most know by now THAT DID not work ITS PETRABLE over it and straight through it now a proven fact a person can go up and over THE WALL in less than a Minute also A simple Sawzall is about all you need to cut the steel and concrete barrier then insert a lift jack and jack it side ways and whol"la a big hole to crawl through about three minutes time NOW how are to correct this or this whole thing just a great big pipe dream your comment please you know mine Guard shacks and national guard -------------------------------------dave