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    I am going to stir the pot a little this morning I DO NOT CARE WHO"S SIDE YOU ARE ON ------------The Mueller report ------a 4 page version is out sort of --------------Dem say produce by Tuesday or else WILL SEPEANA THE 400 PAGES -----------------lets start taking bets today on how many days its going to take them to get the 400 pages WE need a money holder ---elect one -----I DON"T care who ------the bet is number of days for Dems to have Congress to receive 400 pages of the report and lets make it worth wile I will mail $20 bucks to the money holder you all chose now are you GAME -----come on Doc 4450 de
    nnis eci Sunflower lsc76cat Tom Kinghere flyingroot Steffy iadave 82 PERCY LEWEY and the rest of you get in here the closes to the number of days get the pot ---------------my bet is 10 days from this Tuesday now what say you-------------------------------dave
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    I'm a farmer. Don't have $20 to put on staged professional wrestling ( today's politics). This whole thing is nothing more than a money grab for the lawyers and the actors they got elected with the fight over the percentage of split.
    Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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      AH I had to make it worth something ROOT its a winner take all deal kind of like horse racing onle you do not have a jockey pulling back on the reins just a bunch of LAWYERS ---------------------------------------dave