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Cannabis- the final scew in the coffin- of United States Agriculture/Society

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  • Cannabis- the final scew in the coffin- of United States Agriculture/Society

    Few would want to admit, the Indigenous people recognized our Creator in providing and sustaining all, they called the Great Spirit. A reverence to Our Creator that is discounted away in a haughty arrogance of denial of Human frailty and dependence on a Creators mercy and justice.

    A repeated captured scene in all of History is of the Heart of Agriculture is the harvest of grain for Human existence., food of life. A symbol that many offer thanks to Our Creator in pouring forth life giving rain, protection from storms, and fortitude to stand in good times, and endure bad times. A Thanks Giving for production to sustain human life, and to give vitality to human existence with food. Yet today the reality check is, Hunger is greater in the USA and World, not in shortage of food, but in lack of distribution.
    To get to the reality of a horrific World crisis to the United States and the World is now FOOD. Food is now the weapon of Unjust wars, defiant to all religious teaching in all religions.

    Yet we see the United States, once recognized as the fore front of feeding and sustaining human existence, is now the number one food importing dependent nation of the world, dependent on the poor to feed the United States, with itself a now defunct economic scenario, A thought provoking summary question to religious believers, will people now gather to pray for life giving rain, to come forth, to sustain their Cannabis crops, to bring ruination to the people?

    Cannabis brings forth the final chapter of USA agriculture as the Final Screw in the coffin of United States Agriculture. We can now recognize the end, to the Family Farmer. As socialism brought and end to the family farmer in Russia, so does Unbridled Capitalism in the USA..

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    What state did your author graduate from law school? hahaha Little does he know about Russian history!