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    sorry KING no one will talk Impeachment a TABO word so lets try a different Topic we all can answer and see their thinking and is popping up as I speak Should compain signs slogans and banners be allowed in high school ? answer at your owen risk I my self do not care but I can see it being disruptive ----------------------------------dave

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    I don't know if impeachment is taboo or not. Time will tell. Democrats would sure like to see Trump GONE Preferably to prison. Maybe he can bunk share with Hillary

    I don't see why campaign [I think that's the word you meant] can't be posted in high schools. What are we protecting the students from? Other than liberal teachers.


    Are banners and campaign slogans not allowed to protect teachers from parents. Especially after teachers start campaigning for socialism . Sarcasm intended about [starting] All Social studies courses are already all about indoctrination of student to accept the most liberal stances possiible


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      its all about the assault at schools being allowed by liberal teachers that let it go unfettered when someone wears a freedom of speech hat or tshirt , what Trump is doing making it a federal felony to make people accountable for there actions . You don't see republicans following around demoncrap officials harrassing them at every restaurant they go or punching people that are anti Trump. The liberal media is partly to blame.


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        hold on Tom I did not say witch party I put into context ANY party we need to leave all party's out of schools confederate included -------------------------------dave


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          How will the American History books be written?

          next, and the history "taught, learned, criticized or improved for the future"?


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            you need to protect the 2nd amendment of which the left is absolutely destroying with violent physical and verbal attacks trying to achieve there socialist agenda..


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              they should have their minds filed with school colors and slogans just think if we were to let the KKK to rear its head again or the Arian nation ----------------------------dave


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                I say no signs in school and my reasons as follows

                1. They cant vote yet because of their age and if they are old enough they certainly don't need political gamesmanship disrupting their education.

                2. Schools should be for teaching useful information to students not politics and beside they get all the politics they want by trying out for the team and meeting all the standards to make the team but are cut for the coaches kid who cant chew gum and walk at the same time.

                3. Divy up the money spent on scho signs and all candidates in one big lump donate it equally to all school in district.
                City council one school district
                County board maybe 5 to 10 districts
                State legislators 15-20 districts
                Governor of us senator all districts in their state
                President in all us school districts
                Don't get tripped by what's behind you


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                  as I was in High School their towards the last we all were worried about the Draft as who did not go to collage were Draft bate so we all had complete different mentality then the whole World can crashing down on me the rest in history--------------------dave


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                    fR, what about exit signs? or rest room signs? Maybe even room numbers? Don't forget the lunch room/cafeteria...and of course, in case I forgot where it was, the Principles office!

                    I can knit pick a little...

                    Remember 479, it may sometimes seem that it is a continues orchard of lemons, but you have still made some lemon aid/juice with what you were dealt...


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                      I still remember my draft number it was with in 25 of going -----------------------------dave