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  • Impeachment??

    I'm sorta trapped in my house. TV is on. Its Sunday. I'm watching the daily rehash of politics. It seems like ever since Trump got elected there has been a constant effort to get him impeached and the 2016 election results overturned. I'm not totally in favor of all of Trump's actions. But many of the things he is doing needed doing. His methods may be rather brash. But calling our liars as liars is his right Democrats look to every statement he makes and fact checks it.

    It is very likely some potential communist/socialist will get erected in 2020. Will republicans have the gonads to stand up and destroy the new agenda like the democrats have done to Trump.?

    To much time looking at growing snow banks

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    NO government is better than bad government, has been recognized for thousands of years. A Godless government is total self destruct, enslaving the people in debt and stripping away all freedom.. to that, even though (most all) are brainwashed to the world will end if the government ceases to exist, the USA greatest freedom today is to have a total government dissolved, for ever.

    The USA today is a nation of debt and wage slaves, devoid of freedom, devoid of looking to the True source of Power, God.

    To that impeachment by a few recognizes, the People voted for the lessor of two evils, and fortunately got the lessor of two evils, President Trump.. thank God...
    over the mad cow. or another President Obama nation who ranks as one of the worst mass murders in world history, in the extermination of near of all of Yemen, worse than Hitler, but ignored. A leader who REALLY should have stood trial for crimes against humanity..
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      Same spew and parroting that you have been doing since you started posting, and so far you haven't done anything about the problem you complain about, so pull your
      shoe off and eat it jose.