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received this news clip yesterday...

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  • received this news clip yesterday...

    didn't put this in marketing...however,

    2 percent drop
    Nike’s stock price dropped 2 percent in early trading yesterday. The night before, the foot of Duke’s Zion Williamson, the nation’s top college basketball player and super-elite NBA prospect, went right through his Nike shoe and Williamson injured his knee. President Barack Obama was sitting court-side and can be seen in videos mouthing the words, “His shoe broke.” [MarketWatch]

    hopefully the MarketWatch can be seen with the site below:

    now, as a poor lip reader, I would suggest the former chief is mouthing bull s h I t broo...

    then again, I've been wrong before

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    I blew out one of my muck boots a week ago. Those things have seen more mud and snow this winter than in the previous four winters combined. And according to the forecast, it's not going to end anytime soon.


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      Okay 4450, BUT did you mouth or verbally say OH bull chit ?

      I've noticed my 5 buckle overshoes of about that same age as your mucks showing the Chinese weather cracking, been stored out of light in basement MOST of the time..other than when in use.


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        lip reading obama was hard,,,,,,,, i swear i sow him tell the leader of the senate that when he returned to washington he go to fudruckers.


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          Well something pretty close to.that Dennis, lol.


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            No Honest Family person would engage politics today, For we all know President Kennedy was Martyred for standing against corruption, that rages on today.. which again recognizes ever human is better and gains true freedom in no government than bad government...


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              Try that parroting again, slower might work better for you...