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World and USA hunger and starvation worse than ever in World History.

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  • World and USA hunger and starvation worse than ever in World History.

    Rather remarkable the largest world wide protest ever in World history is now 16 years past, in the World wide and USA protest against the United States and (British) invasion of Iraq. A peoples protest that recognized the World now had two super powers, the United States and public opinion.

    The attack on Iraq is seen as Unjust war, which has cumulated into continued Unjust wars on Yemen that is now recognized as the worst humanitarian crisis in World history, the starvation of near 20 million humans to death.. by a USA, British, and Saudi Arabia joint blockade and bombing of ports and cites, schools, hospitals, cities, homes, and religious buildings that disrupted and prevented other nations from feeding the poorest of the poor. The people, women and children of Yemen who died from, starvation.

    Today, the United States is seen as the largest and most import dependence food nation on Earth, with a near 133 Billion in food imports 2018, with food costs by estimates to double in the next few years (less than a decade) in the USA.
    Yet USA food production specialists, farmers are seen to now facing a worse economic calamity of skyrocketing production costs, debt, and risk to return challenges greater than that of the Great Depression. by some recognizing this the Real Depression in now the government is financially insolvent itself.

    yet, hemp is now pulled out of the back woods, and minds o f the expert advisors, scientifically proven to destroy the mind, to save the day... will ignorance never cease.

    yet the USA does have a hoard of grain, to save millions of lives in the world, with a few million dollars of grain, but rather produces a near $700 billion in arms to murder humans in 2019. what a contradiction of morals, and ethics. all the wheat, or direct human consumption grain ever raised in the USA in its history, would not value what the USA produces in one year to murder humans, by war. The military industrial complex, that makes a few, rich.

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    So far, the numbers you have pulled out of your asz are NOT even close to correct, so the whole post is a waste of space.


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      Two things the thread brings to mind.
      First I would be glad to donate food to those starving but time and time again it's proven the corrupt governments of those places uses it to further their own gain, to hell with people.

      Second about spending money on arms. If by some miracle all the arms of the world were only in the hands of the Americans and Israelis, there would be peace on earth.
      Conversely, if all the arms of the world were held by everyone except the Americans and Israelis, the United States and Israel would cease to exist and the rest of the world would be turned into one big ***** hole. No doubt in my mind.


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        I'm sure you all have seen the commercials on tv where you can feed a hungry child in some undeveloped nation for just 25 cents a day . Send your donations !
        I used to have a landlord and friend , he has since departed us , but he always said if I was to ever have another kid , I'd send them over there . Heck you can raise them for only 25 cents a day !!!!!! What a deal . lmao


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          I was watching "Gunsmoke" on TV last night, the plot was an abusive dad, mentally deficient son, okay wife, kidnapped another couples infant son, father of son went ballistic,
          wanted Quint to find the Indians who stole/kidnapped son because Quint was half Indian...the kidnapper wanted the infant and his wife as hostages so that after a bank robbery
          the law wouldn't shoot them...commercial, SPCA and the poor animals, Quint did find the infant by accident, and the kidnapping dad got shot, commercial...those starving children,
          those unhappy scrawny heart jerking images, time for a pee break...recalling some history lessons about the Native Plains Indians, when the old got to the point they couldn't keep
          up with the moves, and couldn't provide enough social input for the tribe, they were left to freeze, starve, or die in the sun. I do have another tangent to head for, but for now,
          this should keep jose in a puddle of camel pee and goat poop...

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            Gee thanks for that play by play dennis. I felt like I was right there, lmao!


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              About half of the world lives on two dollars a day. yet in the USA the earning of twenty five dollars an hour is now seen a poverty existence for a family wage earner, to sustain the family in the USA.. poverty is now $50,000 a year in the USA..

              In "about" 1891 the USA Marines went to Hawaii ruled by Queen Liliuokalani and told her to step down, the USA was taking over, or the USA under Stevenson was taking over Hawaii, by force.

              4450, corrupt governments is interesting, and as you most like already know a great deal of the Worlds turmoil and civil upheaval is directly due to USA intervention.. When its recognized that in Aug 1941 Iran was attacked by Communistic Russia, soon to be USA World war one ally. Iran appealed to the USA as the then deemed nation of life, liberty and justice to all in Aug 1941... But the USA did absolutely nothing for Iran a democratic country, , attacked by then Communistic Russia in Aug 1941...

              After WWII, the USA over threw the government of Syria,1949, for a pipeline... then Iran democratic government in 1953, Instilling the Sha (king) of Iran over the people... The Sha of Iran ruled to 1979 when the Islamic rose up and without firing a shot, rid the people of the Shah of Iran, then noted as the most as a murderous and corrupt leader of the 1970's, under the USA.. The Shah of Iran exiled to, the USA in 1979. The USA then allined with Saddam Hussein, of Iraq.. We can equally note that the USA attacked in America, Guatemala (1953) in the fruit wars to take over a near 42% of the land for a USA based company, United Fruit.. That action on the Democratic government of Guatemala by the USA directly was the catalyst to the gang and drug trade of America that rages on due to USA intervention. Corrupt over throw of Demoractic governments in America.

              it canbe listed as coup de ta over throw of the governments by the USA , to Guatemala 1953, El Salvador 50,000 humans murdered 1979, Chiliean in 1973, Argentina 1976 and Nicaragua in 1981.. all of which ties together why the people flee to the USA today, is their governments were destroyed so a few could take over, plunder the resources.
              These actions have came to haunt the USA when its recognized Human slavery is greater in number of humans owned in the USA today than ever in history, with 250,000 children, girls are est to be added to the sex slave trade in the USA every year now. Women do not have abortion, but rather they now sell their children in the USA into the sex slave trade industry, a near 6 billion dollar industry in some states single state alone. , near the value of all the wheat produced in the USAin one state alone.. more profits, take in the horrific crime against humanity sex trade in the USA than the production of grain for human consumption and existence.

              yet its noted, the USA is 5% of the worlds population, but holds 25% of the worlds humans in prisons in the USA.. with thousands of refuges held in private for profit concentration camps in the USA, held in deplorable conditions, women and children , held in concentration camps in the USA today.. yet we can go back again and look that many are fleeing from the atrocity of the repeated action time and again of Iran, Syria, Guatemala, Haiti, El Salvador, and on had their often democratic governments over threw by USA intervention.
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                Last paragraph is NOT correct jose, read it to yourself and see if you see that 25% of the worlds people are in prisons in the us ...why the fk would you risk our life to get into
                a country like that? Oh, you no understand!


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                  According to the McDonald's website, they have more than 36,900 restaurants serving approximately 69 million people in over 100 countries each day. Given the fact that 75 hamburgers are sold every second, "we" suppose it may not be such a shock that 69 million people eat there per day. To put it into perspective, 69 million people is slightly more than the population of the UK and twice as much as the population of Canada. When you do the math, 69 million people works out to almost 1% of the entire world population eating at McDonald's each day.

                  wrap you noodle around that!


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                    When the final ratings were tallied, over 65 million people had watched the NBC broadcast of Schindler's List. That was nearly twice as many people as those who saw the film when it was originally shown in theaters in 1993.


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                      What religion sect was most involved and directive in making Russia Communistic?

                      Who, what religious group is Hated in Russia today, for their part in murdering the leaders, and then thinking they were going to run Russia.?

                      thanks in advance deMMis.


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                        and in making Russia Communistic, Socialist, what was the first big, major issue ???????????????????????


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                          I actually know the answer, BUT you need to put it up or shut up jose!

                          Be the MAN it for all man kind!


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                            We doubt it.


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                              lAugh jose, be brave and step foreward with a response before your camel smelling goat humping "teacher" tells you the CORRECT answer to respond with... I still know..

                              I will wait and see you for what you are NOT WORTH

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