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    Border Security is one the hottest topics that I have seen on the web. The craziest leftist think it is okay to open our borders. Why so all Americans can take care of these non-citizens, PLEASE! It takes 18 Billion each month to take care of all of these illegal people. So when did it become okay to steal from the American people. When American citizens are being told they just bigots. All these people are CRAZY! These people aren't concerned about the children that are being murdered by Plan Parenthood. But they want you to have sympathy for children that have died on the border, and that the wall is immoral! Don't tell me I am hateful, because I want a wall. I want our politicians to start taking care of the people whom voted them in. They don't care about the American people! They want the next voter block. The reason I hate the left is because they feel it is okay to point fingers and call me some very ignorant names, which do not apply to me. What is morally wrong with a wall? Why do you feel that the wall will not work. In the case's of Israel, 99 percent wall effective. So that's another reason a wall will work. Morality has nothing to do with facts! Fact: Border walls work, NO DISCUSSION! Border Security is how a country stays a nation. The next time you get into an argument about this, just tell the person to give away their pay check and give out their address, so all illegals go to their house and they can take care of them. This is why we are losing our country! Because some of the stupidest people are placed into politics. I have not found one Democrat of liberal left, that know what they are talking about! This is why people from around the world think we are stupid, and fat and lazy! This is also now the reason we have President Trump! The left has not gotten it, they have had their way for so long, they can't understand why they lost. My suggestion is this:

    1. I want you to sit down and truly watch, someone whom is on the right?
    2. I have the best scenario, watch the debates between Trump versus Clinton! I had to truly listened. Every time President Trump tried to talk about policy. She would divert the subject.

    I am so sick to death! I haven't had a President in the last thirty years! Get over it, he will be in the President for another six years!!!

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    Nice introductory post. I think you may have almost stated your political leanings. I like that in a person.

    For the most part I agree with your views. I think we need a secure nation But I think a fence will not be totally effective. It would help but better surveilance and more border guards are needed also.

    It might help if border guards and local landowners could use live ammo when shooting warning shots at invading illegals. Maybe be like the ancients and mount the severed heads on the new border wall. Might not be PC, but then I never have been. Just trying to offer workable solutions

    BTW I heard there was a major traffic accident in the outback of Georgia.

    There were 3 vehicles involved in the accident. The first limo carried 7 confirmed democratic presidential wanna bees They were on their way to gather campaign and meet voting football fans that live on the coasts.

    The second vehicle also carried 7 people. They were the referees at the Saints Rams game, trying to get out of Atlanta before the football fans from New Orleans arrived for the game. The refs were expecting some negative views when the refs entered the foot ball field.

    The third vehicle contained 7 black labs. The were in a travel trailer following the vehicle carrying the referees. It was later determined that the dogs were the service dogs for the referees

    It is rumored that some fans from Wisconsin came upon this horrible accident. Time was of the utmost importance as at least all the passengers in at least 2 of the vehicle would die within

    After a few seconds of thought the Packer fans from Wisconsin saved the dogs instead of blind referees or brain dead politicians.

    Seeing eye dogs could perform more valuable work than the people in the other 2 vehicles


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      $10 says - russian backed troll


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        we, we have al zany playing iman says, some lefties, somemore righties,,,,ssoo why not


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          More fake news from RON and cnn?



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            Read something the other day not sure if it's true but if it is ,explains why dems want open borders. so congress seat are determined by population ,census every 10 years changes districts based on pop shifts,I believe the # was 770,000 /seat,but it counts total pop not just resistered voters,one reason dems are fighting new census Question asking you if your a legal citizen or lets say california pop increase by 4 million illegal imm. that would add another 5 congress seats,also explains why so many liberal states and cities support sanctury cities


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              someone want to tell me how to paste and copy the article I read so I can post,not the handiest with a computer


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                If you have the site address, can do, if it is a copy and paste, jdgirl has helped me several times, but she may be busy keeping those new and used
                reefers off the market so her shipping monopoly can keep Dan11 busy...