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    what ever happened to the other IG appointed to look in to the corruption at the justice dept,I believe he was from Utah,thats still on going also is'nt it


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      Steffy, do you ever listen or read the Commstock Report, by David Kruse? Its on several radio stations


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        It is not just the Justice department. Irs, Epa.,Any government agency can levy a fine. Even if you prove you are innocent ( notice they do not have to prove you are guilty) they can still proceed as though you are guilty. A person can not stop them. It takes huge amounts of capital to fight and they have an inexhaustible supply.


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          I read commstock whenever he's on dtn as a free trial,never have heard his radio show


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            Read this article early this morning, been on my mind all day....MAYBE there is something missing in the "story"....but other wise I'm missing how
            the agency has the power to get him convicted without a trial? Help welcome, it has been a long day, glad I had that to occupy my mind while driving
            in the wind and a couple Ice holes driving as if they were the only ones on the road...


            NOT saying he didn't need a punishment of some sort, BUT again, HOW?

            maybe it's just the way today reporters and journalist do their jobs...I don't know!


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              Second Paragraph:

              "Michael Frederiksen, 53, Derby, Kan., was convicted in a jury trial in May on one count of making false statements to FBI investigators. During trial, prosecutors presented evidence that in 2014, while Frederiksen was still a Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper, he was filmed taking part in an illegal cash poker game. On Feb. 23, 2017, he was interviewed by FBI agents investigating illegal gambling businesses in Wichita."


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                Thanks, I KNEW it should be there, but read over it several times looking...guess the brain freeze hit early!

                Thanks again.

                The headline would make many "thunk" that to lie to the FBI is criminal, like telling a patrol trooper my speedometer said 60mph and your device
                says 75...

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                  I'll bet there's more background to this story than what is being told.
                  They had a burr up their *** about something else but that is what they nailed him for.
                  If the FBI investigated all the "illegal" gambling going on they wouldn't get anything else done.


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                    That is a two thumbs up award call cat!

                    It caught my eye because I have several acquaintances in the Kansas Highway patrol, and one a high school classmate, so now retired.
                    A few years ago he was upset with some of the "forces" /ACLU, because it looked like the troopers were picking on those of color, when
                    the actual number did show more "of color" being ticketed because they were the ones with the majority of those offenses.

                    One of the "favored" news items I caught today:


                    This topic was discussed on this site in the past...political and beef/livestock.