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    U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue has announced many FSA offices across the country will open for three days. In a Tweet, he stated the offices will be open on 1/17 (Thursday), 1/18 (Friday) & 1/22 (Tuesday) to help farmers with existing loans and other limited services. He says USDA will bring back 2,500 employees to work at those FSA offices.-----------------------the cry is starting to be heard---------------------------------------------------dave

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    guess i will be selling corn in the next couple of days whether i want to or not, who knows when the next window will be, but guessing they will have one every 3 to for weeks, or monthly until this is over.


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      now that we have a office parcel open I have a question for those of you in the -know --or want to know how much will these deposed workers be payed on their so called deposed ie furlo days off will be be time and a half double time or same as their salary time or or a free be HUUU--------------------------------------dave
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        3 PM Saturday Pres will make Big anounancment any Guess to why-----------------------dave


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          When a nations back bone, the family farmers have to look to a government to save them, the entire nation is for naught, doomed. The government is shut down because it is broke, defunct, asks when do we admit the end is here? NO government is better than a bad government, or socialism or communism, as Russia proves every day till the end of time.


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            just guessing, but what do the Muslimes have to offer that is better than CHEAP food...oh, sorry, those 72 virgins that ugly trucks ran over making goats seem more attractive...