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Are humans too stupid to live?

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  • Are humans too stupid to live?

    Well, another huge government report laying out the horror show awaiting our children and grandchildren. Americans yawn. The Idiot-in-Chief thinks it's a Chinese hoax. (Anyone who heard Trump call for raking California MUST realize we are led by a fool.) Except for Amy Klobachar, my rural neighbors all voted heavily for Trump supporting sycophants. Most people are too ignorant to know it, but it is surprisingly easy to make a huge difference in the climate future with proper government regulations, But my guess is that many rural folks would take suicide over having goviment place any tiny restrictions on their "freedom." So long and good night.

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    Sort of a repeat of the Roman Empire, melt down in society, marriage came to be civil contract, suicide was rampant, human lives had no value, and abuse was rampant, human slavery was the norm..

    garsh, the Roman Empire final times, , or the United States and Russia today, take your choice, all the same. end of civilizations over and over time and again.


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      The pot calling the kettle ignorant. Imagine that.