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At least we know now..................

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  • At least we know now..................

    What automatic weapons are good for. Bet dumb *** dennis took day off to go buy some more AR-15s.

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    I beg to differ dumb ***. Everything he had was legal in Nevada. Might want to double check your alt right sources. Did you go out and buy a few more AR-15's yesterday? I betcha did.


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      What is your problem with facts being reported by someone other than dump's tweeter feed or false news? It is a fact dumbass that Nevada allows open carry and allow people to buy machine guns. And no problem with you that he was able to modify his semi automatics.

      You are getting to be a bigger DUMB **** as time progresses.

      You can keep the ******* orange one, majority of the US doesn't want him. Your statement proves just how much of a DUMB ****ING *** you truly are.


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        Forgot to ask, how was the convention in Tennessee you attended over the weekend?


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          Originally posted by dennis1
          Your continued posts prove my point.
          And how is that dumb ***? You do realize that most posters on here do not have a clue what you talk about most of the time. They are just nicer than I to call you out on it.

          Forgot to tell us about your trip to Tennessee over the weekend. How was it?