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  • Voter Fraud

    Just found a case of voter fraud. The dump might be right.

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    True story dumb *** no matter where it came from.


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      Your orange prez is complaining about illegal voting dumb ***. But as usual you can't see the significance.


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        During obummer reign as President the United States continued its military attack on Iraq and ,Aghganstan spending billions on murder of the poor to enhance a few on manufacture of arms production in the USA... The United States gave, sent, sold a near$ 200 billion in arms to home of majority of 911 operatives, Saudi Arabia that were used defiant to rules of war on Yemen, in an ongoing extermination of 20 million humans destroying hospitals, schools, and homes in Yemen. IN the poorest country in that region of the world, as Haiti is in this region of the world.

        Both suffering terrible inflictions of persecution as does and is Haiti, Mexico and most of South America by the richer nations as Britian, USA, and Saudi Arabia, when its recognized the majority of the operatives of 911 were from US ally Saudi Arabia.

        Today we see Porta Rico in terrible turmoil from natural disaster, Hurrican damage, a region of the USA.. The United States spent $200 billion exterminating 20 million humans in Yemen, at a cost of $200 billion in arms to one of the richest nations, Saudi Arabia, proclaimed true Islamic State, IS of the World.

        Yet we will see very little aid, monetary donations to Porta Rico, because the USA is composed of mainly Christians who spread misery and discontent to the World, malice to all, Charity to none.

        But death and misery to the poorest of the poor..
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          Dennis when its the left the standards are different. Looking for voter fraud a waste of time. No proof. Looking for Russia vote tampering. Still no proof. But don't worry. They keep digging long enough they'll surely find something. When you're swimming in the kool-ade you can't see double standards.


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            Will never rest until dump is gone dumb ***. You do not see the problem since you would really like to lick his *******. We had **** choices last time, it won't happen again.


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              when the leftards cannot find anything, always resort to the race card and foment hatred to the flag as a direct result. Didnt see one black heading down to Houston to help the BLM cause down there......fvking retarded 8th graders in the National Felons League making a statement of hypocrisy while garnering multi million dollar contracts,would seem fitting they give up all that money they are making giving to the poor ole negros and take it down to salaries of those that defend there country so they can frollick around butting heads and chasing one another on a field ..see if theyll play for a 16 grand salaries, oh how they will cry racist and inequality then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The only races they understand are Indianapolis and Daytona.
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