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Getting a child into farming is child abuse!

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  • Kinghere, it seems on this site a few clicks back, it was recognized a country in a another continent had only a few Thousand dollars in its treasury, near being broke, at zero dollars to operate on.. Yet it was noted that they were, or we could say 21 trillion dollars richer than the USA.... If the USA government ceased to exist, what would the USA farmer do?
    Could we, The United States of America, go back to be self sufficient farms in feed ourselves first and live on the land as agriculture originated? Then feed others as the United States Originally came to be?
    Can the United States family farm be returned to its original defining factor of sustaining itself and feeding the nation?
    When its noted can we be honest and recognize the United States is now the number one food import dependent nation of the World? A 133 Billion the USA imported in food to sustain its population this past year. When facts of today noted, China told its own farmers to continue to raise human direct consumption foods a near decade(s) back. Don't kill a tree, we will all die, has been instilled in every child in the USA for near decade(s) back. Yet South America is set to be treeless, as the buffalo kept the USA originally. When a people lived on the land in the USA, as the original True Stewards of the land, with NO chemicals that is eliminating too many farmers today in the USA.. with limited of Turning of the Earth over. Yet back to the facts, China then planned it would import conversion grains from the USA then, and is now poised and invested to increase its grains from South America, with some estimates at a 15% right now in agriculture grains from South America to China currently. With its dependence on the USA now being reduced significantly.. yet we see a self sustaining civilization in South America being exterminated as the USA origninally was founded on, as India, South America is now being made today, thanks to the Evil of superstition of "free trade", death to the native farmer. Mexico's elimination of the family farm back of recent is the poster child of that fact of the elimination of the family farm in the name of FREE TRADE.
    How do you see and recognize those facts today idiot again? We need to also recognize, our personal estimate of food costs to humans are set to double (in the USA) in the next eight years, with it equally recognized that wages in the USA at current rates will take by estimates near four decades to double at current wage increase rates.....Right now poverty in the USA wages canbe seen as being near, or over 25 dollars an hour. With the national minium wage frozen at seven dollars an hour, defiant to the original government call that it be increased, but not... ( We also want to note, A food item in the USA can cost near twenty times as much in the USA, as it now does in another country in another continent.) Contemplate that the idea the USA farm program was seen as cheap food policy, but it is now seen as a cheap grain policy, combined with USA grain production (can) now be seen as mass volume, all volume, no quality or substance grain production... food to fuel, or, mere recognition of increased production, more trips to town , but what the USA raises now, is not for human consumption, but rather mass volume, NO Quality.

    A short study of the ruination of India by the British say it all, yet the USA and the British hand in hand have worked (under past president Obama) to wipe the entire near 24 million humans off the face of the Earth in Yemen, by starvation. The absolute worst humanitarian crisis ever in the history of the World, more evil than the British imposed on India over an hundred years past.. An act that calls for the cry of the poor to be heard by God.... That alone should put a fear of God into the hearts of all, this is going to be a rough road to hoe for all... just the facts.

    Which points to Jimmy Carter was the worst USA worker enemy of the people, and biggest fan of making the richer richer on the backs of Todays Slave wage and Debt slave nation of workers in the USA... remember the freeze on beef prices, tanking the cattle markets, was the end of the family farm (family farm/livestock, rancher) right there and then, the deal was sealed.
    Any intelligent comment to these national facts of reality??????? That the USA is nationally defunct, and the USA farm family destruction doomed the nation from its very first onslaught, dispite the fact world history has proven time and again, ruin the family farm, the nation is instantaneously doomed. Amen, that is the way it is, and always will be.. but we never learn.

    If you ever want a solution, that would be, Five (million) Dollars! But that would be too humbling, so its not a deal.... Yet this All shouldbe the fore front of every assumed agriculture school in the world. We also have to note the fact, hunger is greater in the World and the USA today than ever in history. Hunger is greater not due to a shortage of food, grain, but directly due to Distribution...

    the USA in past history gave millions in arms to Yemen, to a corrupt government of Yemen. After the USA gave the corrupt government of Yemen arms to kill humans. The people suffering from a shortage of food, over threw the corrupt government because they, the people, the Islamic in majority were starving to death due to a disease and drought that prevented them from raising grain to eat. When they needed grain to eat, the USA imposed a military blockade on Yemen to prevent other nations from feeding the people of Yemen. A forced starvation on Yemen, and the USA then supplied weapons to destroy entry ports to Yemen as the people were starving to death from lack of food. A USA military blockade was imposed preventing food from being brought in to save the people of Yemen from Starvation.. In reality, the USA gave millions in arms, weapons to Yemen, but when people of Yemen needed food, the USA not only failed to give food to Yemen, but rather prevented other nations from feeding Yemen's starving people... Millions more are starving in Africa due to disease in a grain called, wheat, a disease labled Ug99, that the USA could have sent grain, the USA has, to save millions of lives. But rather the USA sent arms instead to enforce starvation on the poorest of the poor.. The USA, under Obama sent more weapons, arms, to murder humans out than the USA has since world war two.. IN the same time food, grain, in is desperate need in the world, but failed in DISTRIBUTION. The USA has grain that could feed and save millions of humans lives. But rather the USA fails to distribute to millions of hungry humans and imposes blockades on Yemen preventing other nations from feeding the people. Yet the USA has dooms day commodity prices today that is in itself eliminating family farms, at rates that now look to rival the Great Depression, and exceed in eliminating the family farmer. Hunger is greater in the World and the USA due to distribution, not a shortage of food to feed humans.. The USA can now be recognized as a nation that borrows billions of dollars to build arms to murder humans, war, and borrows billions of dollars to pass out so humans can buy food and eat in the USA itself, while it simultaneously gave away billions in arms murder humans in other countries, but did not give the same countries food grain to save the people from starvation....

    for the single factor to upheaval in society is hunger, starvation, civil upheaval catalyst is starvation.

    kinghere, the single factor sustaining the USA government is borrowing of money, an insane 21 trillion dollars and counting. the current government shut down is a recognition of this factor, the government is broke.. tell us what does run our economy run on but mere faith in a dollar that is backed by simple imagination, a dream. In an educated time, it is recognized in books that no currency ever sustained an existence in world history without being backed by a tangible item, as gold, silver, even salt, or some tangible factor.. When that was written a hundred years back, do you contest that was not fact then, nor now? The US dollar is not worth a Continental.. does that ring a bell? Religious teaching, minds recognize we should NOT borrow money, could that be a virtue of fact to a sustainable economic reality? Define, debt slave and wage slave, thank you in advance.

    Some say, "NO government is better than a bad government" "Socialism is against religious doctrine in, Socialism strips away the freedom of the people to what they want to do with their fruits of labor." "God is the source of all power, people have a defining unquestionable right to self govern themselves, in recognition of God as the source of all power." "No government is absolutely better than a Godless government"

    What is our government contributing to the world? When our government builds 70% of the World arms currently with borrowed money, arms to murder humans. How does that make the world better? Yet fails to distribute grain it has, to save lives. Our government has over threw "about every" or intervened in negative ways in (about) ever single country in America, and Syria and Iran, ect in the Middle East, which every single one is in turmoil of, ALL are in turmoil today, how has that made the world better? again, thank you in advance...

    When a nation can not feed itself, it is doomed, destroy the family farm, the nation is doomed, the family farm is the back bone of a nation, and once of the USA. you dispute that, on a assumed agriculture web site... amazing.

    tell us what sustains and is the purpose of the USA government, what sustains it, and why without, the world is in a hurt? We want to know?
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    • Times change Farmers are no longer the main driver of our economy If our government fails, the hole world is in a World of Hurt. We would still be better than most other countries. Maybe some gubernent workers will need top get real jobs.

      If wages double that means people will get twice as much money minus taxes. Food amounts to 10% or less of cost of living. So doubling wages would really help our country. LOL May be your pet nation of Yemen should triple its wages so people could afford food. End starvation. End your 10 plus year rant on why muslimes are so mistreated.


      • You really need to back up your statement Kinghere! Farners are not and should not be the driver of the economy, but rather the key to the essential existence and "back bone" of the country, in feeding the people, the very key of existence of EVERY Country! Feeding the people, with what God blesses the people with that is in reality dependent on life giving rain, balanced weather, and soil that bears good "fruit".

        Science of Agriculture in the USA asks a lot of questions to some thought provoking questions currently, as. California "and agriculture" is very interesting to at once California by itself is noted to "generate" enough to rank as near the tenth largest +-economy in the world by itself, tied to the United States. Yet today science "questions" the past hundred years in which major damns were built on thirty-+years of rain fail averages was a wetter time than normal over thousands of years average... They could be and seem to be well out of water in the west..

        Another interesting factor is ecology is NOT practiced by USA agriculture. Ecology is in extremely limited faction or sense today, in the Mid-west produces corn... In the origination of agriculture animals held in confined pens or locations, dairy, feedlots, housed required in ecology that the "manure" be spread back to the fields in many fashions.... The simple recognition today the export of corn to feed fish in the ocean recognizes the manure is not now spread out in the field in an ecology minded way, ,but rather in blunt reality the top soil is now, dumped in our oceans.. We can also note, the oceans themselves are now empty of fish for human consumption, they have been emptied. We can point to whales cannot be harvested, their are "next to" none. Africa surrounding ocean is noted empty, the Euopians have fished it out decades back.

        Certain grains take up minerals that, as copper are not stored in the body, but are to be consumed on a daily basis... A great source of copper is, wheat is a plant that is noted to in essence to be a source of copper, if the soil has, copper. Yet its not really known is it an infinite that wheat can be taken from a field indiffinently and still be present in the grain taken from the field, or is their a finite point? It seems some minerals are already noted to be deficient in some countries soils, and that is a direct reason for the "mind set of that region of the world"? Do other plants take the minerals faster, and then leave the soil itself deficient in minerals forever?

        The Insurance industry, liability, makes USA agriculture now cost prohibitive in combination of industry, chemicals and fertilizers all bring complex issues, technology, distribution systems, and energy production systems in now they for no better word "run over land owners" and hold those that toil or work the land or venture out to do the work of food production responsible and liable for a major consequences to events of any nature. The examples grow every day in the forces of government favor not the family farmers or land owners, but those who now put none agriculture feature, on, under, around, over, through farm land have a total and unlimited force over farmers who are now the total victim of any accidents or mis-actions.. Stories are now emerging that by use of eminent domain utilities take over the entire farm, every acre even though they are going to initially use, or take over a small fraction of the land for use. They have for ever total take over of every acre of a farm for ever and ever.. Also its noted that today large, major features are now put out on "farms" by outside sources, yet no consequences exist to what if these giant feature cease to function with a purpose. Who, who will be responsible to remove them, and reclaim the land? and no answers exist.

        You get the point, US agriculture, in light of current outrageous fertilizer prices spikes, liability issues, depression era values of grain prices, depleted resources even in the recognition of the land. USA agriculture is rapidly becoming none existence, with certain regions now reporting that major land areas are in need of farmers, or labors, no one is jumping at the chance. We, the USA as most all we have, can import it cheaper than it canbe secured in the USA itself, food is no exception. It will and is making us dependent on not the nations farmers for food, but third world poor who toil as mere wage slaves to feed the USA.. As our own toil for slave wage to attain the food they need.

        All our fore father fleed Europe to be free from, one being a tyrant government, a people not allowed to look to God and his saving grace, (freedom of religion) to save the people. Denial of God and freedom to gain from ones own fruits of labor is now the USA. Please mr government save me is another way of saying, farmers nor God are driving the economy, yes you are correct.
        God has no bearing or is not allowed a bearing. Yet in religious freedom, God is recognized as the source of all power, and the people self govern themselves, the government fears the people, the people do not fear the government.

        It is merely, unprofitable to feed the people is the point... the fruits of labor are now gone, a repeat of history that now haunts the USA itself.
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        • Where in any book other than jose's does it say" farmers feed for free, it is their reason of existence"?

          Are the European, Asian, and African grains and meats MORE nutritious than those of the US?

          you betch'a, the mouse trap is set...


          • I have been reading your discussions for quite some time, and I agree that Ron should move this rant to politics. Some of your opinions are understandable ( on both sides of the politcal spectrum). Something needed to be done with China, I just think Trump should not have used us farmers as his battering ram. If he had stuck with the Trans Pacific trade agreement, he could have opened new markets, and flanked Jina. Do any of you realize that the tariffs are not revenue that he is squeezing out of Jina, it is money coming out of American businesses and our pockets - another tax! I am not saying that Obama was a great president, but I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that he will have a higher rating in the history books than the orange one. As far as the wall and immigrants, I think our money would be better spent on technology ( drones, scanning technology at ports of entry) and boots on the ground, than a wall. I have known a few Mexicans, and they have all been hard working people with a strong Christian faith. Can the same be said about our great leader? I know you are going to get some bad ones when immigrants enter our country, but that has been true throughout our history. Ask the people of Boston about the Irish, or New York about the Italians. I have never heard a dairy farmer say a bad word about their Mexican workers. And yet farmers and Evangelical Christians voted in the guy who is so hysterically bashing them ( doesn't sound very Christian to me to turn a people
            away who are hungry and poor, trying to find a better life for their families, ) I'm just sayin' ---


            • Welcome chair, BUT I disagree with what you have posted, just say'n...


              • now for dan11 and that oil...maybe you should get that chief N. Phillips to check out your ref. unit... lol he was a refrigerator repair man in the Army...use him as
                a thermometer hood ornament...if he can't change his story enough times...


                • damn it Dennis can"t you see the guy is getting old at least he remembered he was a Marine all that drum beating has ruined his hearing ----------------------dave


                  • who should we have voted for chair? The party that just signed legislation in New York making abortion legal on full term babies? To cheers and applause no less. What's next? I'll take losing some of my grain markets in exchange for the life of innocent babies.


                    • Originally posted by 4450 View Post
                      who should we have voted for chair? The party that just signed legislation in New York making abortion legal on full term babies? To cheers and applause no less. What's next? I'll take losing some of my grain markets in exchange for the life of innocent babies.
                      Amen 4450. The choices offered the voters in 2016 were between bad and worse.... Bad won the election. Worse came in last. Thank God!!! Maybe if Trump would have had some real support from republicans this country could have been going in a better direction than the last 20 years.

                      I dread what 2020 will bring. The Demoncrats are trying to play leapfrog on which candidate can be the most anti-American


                      • only one will emerge King and he has not filed yet ---------------------------------dave


                        • Originally posted by 4450 View Post
                          who should we have voted for chair? The party that just signed legislation in New York making abortion legal on full term babies? To cheers and applause no less. What's next? I'll take losing some of my grain markets in exchange for the life of innocent babies.
                          Full term abortions will only be allowed if the fetus is not viable, or if the mother's life is at risk.


                          • well, chairman, if its full term, give her a C section, have a live child, and all is well. The medical field will tell you what you describe, doesn't happen.


                            • getting a child into anything is child abuse today.