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  • Hey Dennis

    I know you said you get the Salina Urinal. Heard a guy in the fsa office yesterday saying that there was an article in there about our property taxes are going to have to be raised to 4 times their current level. If you saw the article, what was that all about.

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    A politician introduced a bill that would raise farm property taxes approx. 468%....I have already demanded curb and guttering around the farm stead,
    subsidized power, sewer and water like city dwellers along with 24 hour cop surveillance and immediate fire protection, and that if the sob leaves Leawood
    and heads for western Ks, not to expect his return. The politicians quote was farmers have just had it to easy... A landlord in Ottawa school system was already belly aching, calling it Brownbackastigan... I replied it
    was more like fkn city boys who never had to wipe their feet with out a clue as to what he tried to open. Of course the landlord thinks their schools are getting short
    changed too...I try to explain, if it is run like a business, and it is top heavy, the cuts need to be at the top....$6,000.00 right off the top of every principal, superintendent,
    and see what can happen if they are forced to put in time enough to qualify for their pay. Then locally, with the cuts etc, another sport is being added, which takes
    another coach, starts with spending allowances by those at the bottom too. Irresponsible spending of others money should be a crime.


    my blood pressure presc. isn't doing what it is supposed to do the last few cards with a county commissioner
    tomorrow night, will see who is sickest Sunday morning from to much azz eaten!


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      Farmers have had it too easy huh. Sounds like the numb nuts that writes for our local paper. A year ago was urging the local voters to vote down the county sales tax that has been in place to pay for the river bridges that have been replaced in our county over the past few years and shift it to property tax. His quote was, "let's face it. The farmers have had some pretty good years". Haven't read anything from the nerd about the year we just had this past year. And I won't either because he wouldn't know a fact of it hit him square in the face.

      And I hear you about the school district. Our school district just got some big infusion of money this past fall from somewhere, I don't recall now what it was is exactly. And of course they want to replace the old WPA foot ball stadium with a new stadium by the high school, new track, and I don't know remember what all else. Then just awhile back they have a big article in the paper about how funding from the state will leave a shortfall and they are wondering what they are going to do to meet it. Well duh. Maybe instead of wanting a new stadium and everything else, we should use that money toward the shortfall. And yes, that's from the superintendent that we are paying what, 80 grand a year for his advice. I'd say that reducing that 80k would be a good place to start. And don't get me started on the new 4 million dollar swimming pool that the locals have been pushing for for years and finally got voted through. We just needed that new pool for the kids so badly. Meanwhile the county commissioners are wondering where they are going to get the money to keep up with all their current obligations. This country, from Washington DC down to our local county level. Does the majority of people even know how to balance a checkbook or make a budget anymore? Must not. Now the attitude is let's look around and see who we can take more money from.


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        I know how you guys feel. Wis.was one of the highest tax state , but things have changed some lately. Our property taxes went downsome the last two years . went down $3200 this year
        kinda nice for a change


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          Just google or yahoo Jeff Melcher, Leawood KS. This numbnut is worried that people wont buy if sales taxes are to high....and the piece of quality #%^* does
          his business with a computer...wonder how much he actually pays in taxes with his service, or his home property taxes are....

          LMAO....several years ago when Haz put on a sales tax their swimming pool and park, which by the way is still in effect, when I would pay a bill in the city limits,
          I would comment to be sure to include the fkn pool tax because someday I just might go swimming in their park. And that folks, is in a city with limited water, but
          attempting to figure our how to rob water from any one else...up stream or down stream....and the town up stream has had a watering ban for the last two years,
          I'm sure the "study" concerning water didn't happen to go that far upstream, from the herd.

          What "they" have done is pit everyone against everyone else...farms, education, business, there really isn't a nice way to say
          what needs to happen, but the day is getting closer, and it wont be good.


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            Yep the new pool is in city limits so when it came time to vote, we in the country didn't even get to vote. And it only raised the city sales tax, not county. But I vote now with my checkbook. When I was young, starting out, I'd go out of town to buy stuff because I could always get it cheaper in Manhattan or Salina. Then when I got a little older and not quite so financially stressed, we'd buy locally to help the local businesses. It took them about three different times on the ballot, but they kept after it tell they got it passed. So I said fine. There's a Walmart only 15 minute drive further the other direction and so that's where we go a lot now. Of course like someone pointed out to me. Since the locals will be taking in less money now, they'll have to find some place to take more to make up the difference. Probably raise the property tax more. Or like the county did. Went in to renew my farm trucks tags a year ago. The gal started with the trailers. Said that starting then, we would be buying a permanent tag, one time cost of only $19.00. I said that was sure nice. Couldn't imagine anything getting cheaper in this day and age. We'll next she did the semis and dump truck. Holy spit. I saw what they did then. Superlubed you with trailer tags first and then nailed you with the truck tags.


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              Yes!!...and then if the needy need another .05 sales tax or .5 mill levy increase, the send the talkers out...funny when you ask the talkers just how much will
              it raise your taxes...and they don't have a clue!...but they "think" they know how much "revenue" the increase will produce. More is jose spread'n


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                Dennis, That same year the gal who runs the library told the commissioners they needed a new library too so they put it up for a vote. The pool got voted in and the library got voted out. They just cobbled up the old library to get by for awhile longer