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  • Climate Change survey

    Some interesting discrepancies among what different groups believe here:

    The number that jumped out, for me at least, was the very top item. Several groups of scientists, ag advisers, Extension educators and farmers were asked if they believe the following: "Climate change is occurring, and it is caused mostly by human activities."

    53% of climatologists said yes, while 8% of farmers said yes.

    That's a 562.5% difference!

    Farmers in the survey were more likely to say climate change is a split between natural causes and human activity, or that there's not sufficient evidence to know if it is even occurring at all.

    What are your $0.02 on this divisive issue?

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    the United States has only kept weather records ON AVERAGE for about a hundred years..
    and if YOU don't not have documentation, you have no proof in the United States any more, only if you have a signed written contract is it so, or, peoples word now is not worth, CHIT!

    In todays world, the government leaders, educators and every persons word is now worth nothing, and so is the climate change issue, its opinion to which is like Azz O's every body has one, climate change is an opinion, or a azz o has done more than is necessary or important..

    science best guess is the last few decades, and even last hundred years was more favorable than the AVERAGE of thousands of years in the US for crop production.. what is more alarming in the world is the amount of fresh water that has been expended around the world, and the reality of a few examples. The forth largest natural lake in the world is, drained for food production, hardly took a decade.. Asia's ground water is noted tobe contaminated and not fit for continued irrigation to raise human food crops. the United States has emptied a large part of the "usable/attainable" water from its aquifer. and that list goes of of not opinion, but facts of a great depletion of resources in a short time to make a few rich, and the rest now slaves of major debt incurred in the ignorant rage of corn utopia to fuel blunder that now starts to recognize its blunderous consequences..

    the earth is believed on average to be a cold planent, its merely bumping through a short term cycle...
    a good ratio to recognize today is China's single yearly out put of contaminates and pollution per year would exceed several of the United States years combined, and will soon recognize a whole decade if it continues on, but, we in the US have to have China keep working to supply our demand of blunderous need for, TECNOLOGY, which will have a very short life and we will need replacements for ever to sustain our ficational opinion of superiority..
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      Some don't have a clue as to what we can learn from arctic ice cores or redwood tree rings for instance. There are many ways to study past weather and past co2 levels. The average farmer has practically no understanding of co2 and methane atmospheric levels. The other day someone posted about a weatherman's opinion, as if a weatherman knew any more about climate science than a farmer. We will badly damage our climate and our way of life because we are a greedy, ignorant bunch of humans. Ce la vie.


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        Could It Be God Is Mocking This Fraud?

        Pay close attention to the prediction made at 2:05. Also, take note of the final sentence of this supposed "expert".

        We did find out. This was reported 7 years post Al gore's prediction of the elimination of polar ice caps in as little as 7 years. Since then has come the coldest winter on record in North America.


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          Only 53% of climatologists? I knew they didn't all agree but I didn't think that there was that large of percent of "deniers" in that group. Why ff would have us believe only the uneducated and ignorant deny global warming.


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            Al Gores predictions were certainly off. But what if long term problems end up right? I kind of figure if we try to pollute less we would save some resources for future generations and have a cleaner environment. We would be the winners wouldn't we?


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              Redwood tree rings that are larger simply indicate the growing season was favorable for that particular species. Conversely, smaller ones indicate adverse conditions for that year with the same tree. Other species may have thrived in a narrow-ringed year yet they leave no evidence. Please explain how you can draw any hard conclusion about the climate at the time based on such narrow data?


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                Who would be for polluting the environment?

                If we are not forced to buy carbon credits for a problem that does not exist, we would all be winners, wouldn't we?


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                  Everyone hush and wait as Freedom Fluke the oracle of excrement makes his dubious points. How much has man effected the centuries of ice cores and the the rings of the giant redwoods. I would venture that volcanoes, sun spots, solar flares, earthquakes have had a greater impact for methane gases and carbon emissions than man has or ever will be able to cause. When I would talk to people about the weather predictions for market influences on the crop, I would tell them that the weather man talks of probability and is good as it is with the all of the satellites and gauges of water temps throughout the oceans -- it is simply probabllity. The GUY who knows does not tell us and he is in control. You with your abortion of life believe that YOU are in control. Sandra Fluke took it in one orifice and Freedom Fluke shoots it out the other. I do have pity for your pathetic lives Freedom Fluke and Ron11. You are always complaining and constantly deriding. Jonathan Gruber was talking explicly of people like you.


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                    The 53% number is also a suprise to me, as some on here have tried to make the point that "science" is almost completely 100% behind the theory, and it is just the dumbars farmers and conservatives who are too stoopid to come to their senses.


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                      villageidiot and others, the 53% is NOT a surprise. At this point in time, I'm sure there are other factors involved in climate change than just "human activities." Surveys can ask questions in subtly different ways and get very different answers.


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                        Polar Star Capt. Matt Walker says the vessel is the only U.S. icebreaker still capable of breaking through the heavy ice of the Antarctic. The Polar Star in coming months will carry out the annual resupply of two U.S. research stations in Antarctica. Scientists there study the 1.5 million-year-old ice to learn the secrets of weather and climate change
                        I thought the science was settled? If the science is settled, why in the world are scientist still studying the 1.5 million-year-old ice? If the science is settled, why not retire the old last remaining ice breaker, and get those scientists the heck out of there?


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                          The 53% makes sense if you look at the choices of answers. You could have also answered it was a split between natural causes and human activity, mostly natural causes, it's not happening at all, there's not enough data, etc...


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                            I do not understand why everyone didn't answer that climate change is occurring. Climate change has always been happening. It's not permanent. It waxes and wanes.


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                              IF only surveys had spaces for written answers...since the survey team doesn't ever seem to come up with some
                              of the answers....of course, according to some, the responders wouldn't know enough to accurately fill in the spaces,
                              so of on another tangent...way to go liberals..

                              Sure the fk is cold enough here this morning...danged ice cap must have moved south...what other direction could the NORT one