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Think the following is taboo to some people

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  • Think the following is taboo to some people

    Saw this on the internet and thought I would see what people think of what could possibly be the next big advancement in medicine. I'm all for it but know for some would disagree on religious grounds.

    Anyways, hope the rain misses us so we can get some work done so may not be around much to chime in. More than likely I will have plenty of time.


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    Not sure why there's any controversy????? Appears to be just one more miracle of modern medicine. We should enjoy it while we can before obummerCare destroys health care. Doubt that the "death panel" will authorize experimental surgery.

    obummerCare is late term abortion of old people.


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      Tom, I think it is wonderful. We have never been against stem cell research. We embrace it.I also think there will be wonderful things come from the stem cell research. We were just against the killing of babies to get stem cells. there was never any reason to even have that debate. Plenty stem cells can be found in the blood from the umbilical cord. When I was delivering babies, I caught blood for stem cells back at least 10 to 15 years ago. Itis not new research, but is now a proven fact that can be published. Maybe we can get a revitalized "tool" for old men.


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        In this case, the child's own stem cells grew the windpipe needed. No one has any problem with using stem cells from the living. The only controversy revolves around using stem cells from aborted babies, one of many nasty sides to Planned Abortionhood.

        And those stem cells can't be controlled while adult stem cells have demonstrated productivity.