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The Purpose of the Tao

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  • The Purpose of the Tao

    "The purpose in Taoism is to reach the ultimate goal, to transcend life on earth as a physical being, and to achieve harmony with nature and the universe. The ultimate goalis to achieve immortality. The Taoist called this ultimate goal Tao. The followers of this religion believe there is an existence beyond life that can be achieved following the right path or behavior. The path to Tao and Nirvana are similar, yet different. There is an Inner Light, which guides a person in the right direction to the ultimate goal. Personal desires must be forsaken in order for the Inner Light to guide a person to achieve eternal bliss. The path to Tao is individual, it comes from within. No one can define a path for the Taoist; it must come from the Inner Light. Tao means Way, but in the original and succeeding manuscripts no direct path is explored or expounded."

    This makes sense. We each have out own path. The idea isn't what list of things you must and must not do, it's to find out what distinct and unique path is your own.